HBO’s Best Series Finally Returns To Filming For Next Season

It looks like HBO's best series is getting started with another season of production. This one can't come back soon enough.

By Doug Norrie | Published

HBO rasied by wolves succession

HBO has one of the best series on television with Succession and it looks like we are getting closer to the fourth season about the Roy family and all of their wealthy dysfunction. The series’ official Twitter account (via Murphy’s Multiverse) shared an exciting update on Monday with the word that the fourth season was officially underway with its shooting. And considering where the last season left off, there could be plenty of fireworks this time around for this clan. 

The Succession photo that was shared was simply of a clapper board on the set of the production that signaled Season 4 had gotten underway. While none of the actors, actresses, or main players were pictured here, we do know that the show is being shot in New York City, at least at the start of this season’s production. Check out what Succession had to post about the moment and now we know that this next run of stories should be coming sooner than later. 

Succession has been running since 2018 and tells the story of the Roy family, the owners of a major media company that mostly resembles elements of Fox News with combinations of pieces like Disney theme parks, cruise ships, and other parts that make up a massive empire. The show is mostly about the jockeying for power within the organization as the Roy children operate under their father Logan Roy, played masterfully by Brian Cox. The rest of the main clan include Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy, the ex-drug addict turned outcast of the family who’s been vying for the throne for some time. There’s also Sarah Snook as Siobhan Roy, the only daughter who ended last season at odds with her husband Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfayden), and also Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy, the youngest angle shooter of the bunch. 

The show has been a moderate hit for HBO both with the viewing audience and the critical crowd as well. The first three seasons have scored 89%, 97%, and 97% respectively on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and Succession has increased its viewership on HBO and HBO Max over the first three seasons as well. Though the Roys, as a family, are nearly impossible to root for because they are all so slimy and backstabbing, the show itself has been an interesting window into a couple of different American themes of the day including the media’s hold on the public as well as the wealth and power of the elite who seem to control inordinate amounts of our society. In this way, Succession is a hard look at what is possibly happening behind the scenes at some of these larger companies.

There’s no firm date on when we will see Succession come back on HBO for its fourth season, but considering production is now underway, it could be that we get it opening sometime early next year. Previous seasons had aired in the early fall, but considering that’s only a couple of months away, we might not hit that timeline this time around.