Harrison Ford Is Doing The Best Acting Of His Career

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

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Harrison Ford may have been propelled to fame in the 1970s after playing Han Solo in Star Wars. Four years later, he may have become one of the biggest stars ever to grace the streets of Hollywood in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc, but neither of these movies showcased his best acting. Instead, that superlative goes to Shrinking, a comedic TV drama streaming on Apple TV.

Harrison Ford In Shrinking

Even after a career that has spanned nearly 50 years, Harrison Ford still has a few new tricks in his back pocket. The actor has managed to captivate audiences once again, this time with his role in the new Apple TV show, Shrinking.

The series, which also stars Jason Segel, has Ford’s performance stealing the spotlight and prompting fans to question whether he’s truly acting or simply being himself—it’s just that good.

Best Show On Television?

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Harrison Ford has amassed numerous accolades throughout his career, including an AFI Lifetime Achievement Award, a Golden Globe, and a People’s Choice Award.

However, his latest venture into television has left fans in awe, with some going so far as to declare Shrinking as the “best show on television.”

In the series, Harrison Ford plays a senior psychologist named Paul suffering from Parkinson’s disease, alongside Segel, who portrays a therapist grieving his wife’s death and intervening in his patients’ lives to expedite positive changes.

Unique Premise

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The unique premise coupled with Ford’s convincing portrayal has earned the show a remarkable 91 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an audience score of 81 percent.

Even critics, known for their discerning taste, have praised Ford’s unexpected foray into TV comedy. The Guardian’s headline boldly states, “Finally, Harrison Ford proves he can do TV comedy,” reflecting the widespread sentiment that Ford is much more than a movie star.

Fan Reactions

Viewers on social media platforms have not been shy about expressing their admiration for Ford’s performance.

On Twitter, one fan declared, “Harrison Ford is a great actor…but he’s totally not acting in ‘Shrinking.’ Hilarious.”

Another echoed the sentiment, stating, “Shrinking is really good, but Harrison Ford is fantastic. I’m not even sure he’s acting; I feel like that might just be him.”

Harrison Ford Playing Himself?

Is it really good acting if people can’t tell if Harrison Ford is actually acting or just playing himself? That’s subjective.

But the important thing is that the Witness actor is blowing the minds of audiences once again in a show that is one of the best series to come out of modern streaming channels.

NPR weighed in on the discussion, emphasizing the pure comedic talent required to play Paul in Shrinking, saying, “The biggest headline about Shrinking has probably been the involvement of Harrison Ford, who gives the funniest performance I’ve seen from him… maybe ever? Maybe since Working Girl?”

A New Chapter

While Harrison Ford first became a household name in the 1970s with his iconic roles in Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, Shrinking marks a new chapter in his storied career.

The show’s success and Ford’s ability to seamlessly transition into TV comedy (while in his 80s!) only serve to solidify his status as one of the greatest actors of our time.