See Gundam History Made In The Witch From Mercury

By Britta DeVore | 1 month ago

gundam witch from mercury

Since it dropped its first piece of content back in 1979 with Mobile Suit Gundam, the Gundam universe has been busy cranking out new and exciting stories for its fans. The freshest of those tales will come in the form of the Gundam world’s debut female leading character. Today, the franchise took to its Twitter account to release a teaser video and poster for what will be The Witch From Mercury. Although little is known surrounding the story the new series will tell, with a release date set for October paired with today’s teaser, more information is sure to be on the way. 

Set to the incredible music the show is known for, we see the history-breaking protagonist take front and center standing in front of the giant Gundam she will pilot. Looking ready to take on the task at hand, her red hair blows in the wind just before the robot charges up, filling with color and coming to life. Like the trailer, the poster for The Witch From Mercury, doesn’t give us much to go off. With the robot kneeling behind the leading character, it serves as just another reminder of how giant this piece of technology is. 

It’s been quite some time since we delved into the world of the anime franchise, with the last series, Iron-Blooded Orphans taking its bow back in 2017, the arrival of the newest Gundam makes for a high level of excitement. While, as we mentioned, not much is known surrounding the newest addition’s plot or the characters who will fill out its storyline, it’s likely that because of the groundbreaking leading character, we’ll hear more about it as the days go on. Lucky for fans creating theories surrounding what The Witch From Mercury could be about, there is an end in sight. The franchise has revealed that over the summer, they’ll release a special titled “Prologue.” This special will serve as a jumping off point for the newest installation of Gundam lore and hopefully leave more answers than questions in its wake. When the series does make landfall, fans will be kept waiting from week to week as only one episode will drop per Sunday night in Japan. 

Since the stories surrounding the Gundam universe took off over 40 years ago, the franchise has turned into a juggernaut. From the original television series, Mobile Suit Gundam, its popularity would continue to inspire several offshoots. Over the years, the stories surrounding the gargantuan robots and their pilots would bring about 50 television series, numerous films, OVAs, and video games. On the paper side of things, the stories would also spread onto the colorful pages of manga and novels everywhere. For more hands-on fans, Gunpla models were kicked off allowing enthusiasts to build their favorite characters from the franchises. 

With so many ways to enjoy the world of Gundam, it’s no wonder as to how it’s been such a sensation. And now, with the franchise reaching out via The Witch From Mercury and giving a female character a voice to tell her own story, things are going to be better than ever.