Who Is The Gun Devil? The Chainsaw Man Villain Explained

By Douglas Helm | Published

The Gun Devil in the Chainsaw Man manga

Season 1 of Chainsaw Man introduced us to quite a few devils but really only hinted at one of the most fearsome devils of all — the Gun Devil. Manga readers have learned a lot more about the Gun Devil, but anime viewers will be able to catch up as Season 2 of the series dives further into this terrifying foe. Until then, here’s a quick recap of what we know about the Gun Devil so far.

In Chainsaw Man, devils are the embodiment of humanity’s fear, with the Gun Devil the most powerful of them all.

As Chainsaw Man has explained, devils become more powerful when people fear them. The Gun Devil, naturally, became one of the most powerful devils of the modern era thanks to people’s fear of guns. The Gun Devil’s history, which Makima explains to Denji, helped it become even more powerful.

Before the events of Chainsaw Man, people started stocking up on guns as a way to protect themselves against devils, which led to guns being used more often. This led to increased news coverage of gun violence and an all-time high of fear of guns, eventually leading to the first appearance of the Gun Devil. The Gun Devil killed 57,912 people in Japan in under 30 seconds and, within five minutes, killed over 1.2 million people worldwide.

A terrorist attack in the world of Chainsaw Man, that left millions dead, was the last time that the Gun Devil has been seen by the public.

The Gun Devil would disappear shortly after, leading the world to be more afraid of devils in general and an international law being put in place to place strict controls on gun manufacturing and ownership. The hope was to lower people’s overall fear of guns and make the Gun Devil less powerful over time. In the current arc of Chainsaw Man, Makima has asked Denji to find the Gun Devil and kill him in exchange for one wish if he can complete the task.

Flesh of the Gun Devil

In Chainsaw Man, some of the Gun Devil’s flesh has been left over from his attack on the world, and numerous devils have taken this flesh to increase their own power. At this point in the anime, the location of the Gun Devil remains unknown, however, he should factor heavily into the second season. It does show just how powerful he is that he has been mentioned in every arc of the series so far.

The Gun Devil has yet to be seen in the Chainsaw Man anime, but other devils and fiends have been working for him.

In the Bat Devil arc of Chainsaw Man, the Gun Devil isn’t mentioned much, but it is stated that neither the Bat or Leech Devil had any of the Gun Devil’s flesh on them. In the Eternity Devil arc, Aki and Himeno are able to recover a chunk of the Gun Devil’s flesh, which leads them to the Morino Hotel, where they face off with the Eternity Devil. Aki is able to recover a piece of the Gun Devil’s body from the Eternity Devil’s corpse.

Denji learning about the Gun Devil in the Chainsaw Man manga

In the Katana Man arc of Chainsaw Man, the Katana Man tells Denji that the Gun Devil wants his heart before attacking them, suggesting an alliance between the Katana fiend and the Gun Devil. The anime’s first season ended with this arc, so anime watchers can expect to learn more about the fearsome devil in the upcoming Bomb Girl arc, which will likely make up a large part of Season 2. Without spoiling anything, there is another arc that will likely be a part of Season 2, where the Gun Devil will play an even bigger role.

It seems likely that Season 2 of Chainsaw Man will end up adapting the rest of the Public Safety Saga, so expect a lot more of the Gun Devil in the future. Fans who can’t wait for the anime to catch up can also always check out the manga, which is quite a bit further along. Otherwise, you can watch Season 1 now on Hulu and Crunchyroll.