Guardians Of The Galaxy Star Is Teaming Up With Kevin Costner

A Guardians of the Galaxy star is now exchanging his high-tech weapons for a six shooter, as the actor has now joined the new Kevin Costner film.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Nearly every day, we are given more amazing casting announcements for the new Kevin Costner Western film, Horizon. Thomas Haden Church of Tombstone and Spider-Man fame was recently added to the cast, but now another superhero star is joining too. From Guardians of the Galaxy fame, we are happy to report that Michael Rooker has now joined the new Western epic. Part of this announcement with Rooker is also Jena Malone and Alejandro Edda. The cast for Horizon has been growing each week, and it seems to be getting better each week too.

Horizon follows the grueling journey of settlers that brave the lands in search of expanding America. The 15-year period covers pre- and post-Civil War times, with the settlers being shown interacting with the natives of the land. The elements, travel, and horrible nature of humans are set to be shown through the many perspectives of the settlers on this journey. Now it makes sense why Kevin Costner has been adding so much high-level talent. We are not entirely sure if the perspective will change from one group of settlers to the next, but it sounds like this Western epic is going to be showcasing the lives of many people through this 15-year period.

Kevin Costner is clearly a man that knows the Western genre quite well. His directorial debut was Dances with Wolves, which became a commercial and critical hit. The film landed both the Best Picture and Best Director Academy Awards for Costner. He also has been the leading man for Yellowstone, which is arguably the most popular show on television currently. In fact, the series is so popular that it has now spawned three different spinoff shows that cover the journey of the Dutton family. Costner doesn’t stop his cowboy leanings in his acting, as the man is also an accomplished country singer. His band wrote original songs from the perspective of John Dutton, which were featured on Yellowstone Season 3.

Most of the films that Kevin Costner has directed have been set in the Western period. Dances with Wolves, The Postman, and Open Range. Open Range was his last in 2003 and was met with some good praise, and the film still holds favorable reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. It did not receive the same treatment as Dances with Wolves, but it was still a good film by Costner. With Horizon filming currently, we might be seeing it in 2023, which would mark the 20th anniversary since Costner’s last directed feature.

Horizon has now added Michael Rooker, Jena Malone, Alejandro Edda, Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Luke Wilson, Jamie Campbell Bower, and Thomas Haden Church. Kevin Costner will lead the pack, and we are likely to hear about even more casting announcements in the coming weeks. There is a strong likelihood that Horizon will be ready for fall time in 2023, which is usually when films make their push for Academy Award recognition. The hope is that Costner has put together another film that will solidify the man as the premiere Western aficionado.