The Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Makes You Feel Total Panic

By Charlene Badasie | Published

The 2013 sci-fi thriller Gravity is available to stream on Netflix. The movie is directed by Alfonso Cuarón, who co-wrote the script with his son, Jonás. The film stars Sandra Bullock as medical engineer Doctor Ryan Stone and George Clooney as veteran astronaut Lieutenant Matt Kowalski. The story follows the pair on a spacewalk to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

Gravity Is A Struggle For Survival

Their mission takes a dark turn when debris from a Russian satellite causes Stone to be separated from the shuttle and left floating in space. Kowalski, using a Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), rescues her, and they return to the damaged Explorer, discovering the tragic fate of the rest of the crew. 

Gravity follows their struggle for survival as they try to find a way back to Earth.

The duo decides to use the MMU to reach the International Space Station. Kowalski estimates they have a narrow 90-minute window before the orbiting debris threatens them again.

On the way to the ISS, Stone and Kowalski share personal stories. Gravity details Stone’s past and the loss of her daughter in a tragic accident.

Pushing The Boundaries

sandra bullock

Upon reaching the ISS, they find it deserted, with the crew having evacuated using one of its Soyuz spacecraft. The remaining spacecraft has sustained damage, making it incapable of returning to Earth.

Kowalski suggests traveling to the nearby Tiangong space station, using the damaged vessel, and then boarding the Shenzhou spacecraft for a safe return to Earth.

Running low on air and fuel, Gravity sees the pair face several more challenges before the film reaches its tragic conclusion. Alfonso Cuarón, known for his innovative filmmaking, wanted to push the boundaries of cinema, crafting a story that combined intense human drama with the breathtaking setting of space.

Extensive Research


The film’s development involved extensive research into the challenges faced by astronauts and the physics of space. Gravity used innovative techniques to create the director’s vision, including live-action, CGI, and 3D technology.

The use of long takes and seamless transitions added to the film’s sense of realism, creating unprecedented tension and engagement for the audience.

Box Office Smash


Gravity was released in October 2013 and quickly became a box office sensation.

It earned over $723 million globally, making it one of the highest-grossing films that year. Critics praised the movie for its visual effects and cinematography. Cuarón’s direction was also hailed, earning him the Academy Award for Best Director.

Gravity Awards


Gravity also won Oscars for Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Sound Editing. While George Clooney was praised for his work in the film, Sandra Bullock’s performance was celebrated for its raw emotion and vulnerability, adding a human touch to the vastness of space. The visual effects team, led by Tim Webber, also received recognition for their groundbreaking work.

Sci-Fi Masterpiece


Gravity is a testament to filmmaking’s boundless possibilities as Cuarón’s direction, coupled with stellar performances and groundbreaking technology, cemented its place in cinematic history.

The story left an indelible mark on the sci-fi genre as audiences were taken on an exhilarating journey through the cosmos.