Grant Gustin May Quit The Flash

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

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Grant Gustin has been the star of The CW’s The Flash for seven seasons now. With the eighth season upcoming, rumors have been circling that the actor is ready to step away. The good news is that Gustin is already contracted for season eight. The not-so-great news? According to insider Daniel Richtman, that may be his last season. Even if the show plans to continue, the insider has heard that the actor is thinking of stepping away.

Previously, Richtman has claimed that there is a lot of drama happening at The CW. He’s said that the producers for the Arrowverse shows are in conflict with many of the stars on the shows. While Grant Gustin hasn’t publicly expressed anything like that, this falls in line with what we’ve been seeing in recent weeks from other actors. Deadline reported that actors Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Valdes are leaving The Flash after season seven. The actors have been on the series since the beginning.

Dominic Purcell recently blew up on Instagram. The actor played Heat Wave in Legends of Tomorrow for the Arrowverse. In two separate posts, which he later took down, the actor said he was quitting the show and warned newcomers to The CW to watch out for the executives who take advantage of the talent on set. He didn’t get more specific than that, but his posts definitely made the situation at The CW sound grim. It was difficult to know what to take seriously though, since his wording was so dramatic and the posts were taken down so quickly. Combined with other actors leaving, and Grant Gustin reportedly thinking of leaving, it does make it sound like being an actor in the Arrowverse may not be the best job around.

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So is Daniel Richtman right? Will season eight be it for Grant Gustin on The Flash? The actor has been on the show for a long time. While he often expresses that he knows he’s lucky to have his job, he’s also been open about the struggles that come along with starring in a television series. In previous interviews, he’s said that his demanding work schedule on The Flash makes it difficult to take on other acting jobs. Starring in a television series is a great way to get a lot of work, but it can also lock an actor into one role and make it difficult to diversify after. If Grant Gustin wants to explore other roles as an actor, he may need to quit The Flash in order to do so.

Despite these negatives, Grant Gustin has previously told ET that he could see himself signing on for more seasons of the show. He knows he’s lucky to have this work, even if it stops the possibilities of other jobs. Interestingly, only a month ago, Daniel Richtman claimed he heard that The CW was offering Gustin a paycheck so high that it would make history on the network. Between the positive things Gustin has said about the work, the fact that he’s still signed on for season eight of the series, and rumors that The CW is willing to pay to keep him, there’s every reason for The Flash fans to believe he’s staying put for now.