Good Omens Season 3 Losing Showrunner, Show’s Future In Jeopardy?

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

Good Omens is a television series that explores how frightening (and often funny) the intersection between good and evil, between Heaven and Hell, can really be. It is perhaps fitting that the latest news regarding Season 3 feels a bit like a blessing and a curse all rolled into one. Amazon and the BBC are keen on creating a third season and have optioned Michael Sheen and David Tennant to return, but showrunner (he was also a director and executive producer) Douglas Mackinnon will not be returning.

Douglas Mackinnon Reveals That He Won’t Return As Showrunner For Good Omens

While this message didn’t come down via any angelic oracles or demonic envoys, it still came out in a most unexpected way. When David Mackinnon announced his departure on Instagram, he didn’t mention Good Omens or its season 3 by name. Instead, he was responding to “an ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike-related challenge to film/TV professionals to post a photo of themselves on the job” and posted a picture of himself in front of a set and later wrote in the comments section “I’m not involved with this show anymore.”

Of course, eagle-eyed fans immediately realized this was a picture of the Good Omens set and that the veteran showrunner who helped make the first two seasons so good would not be returning for a season 3. To get confirmation, some fans sought out Neil Gaiman (co-showrunner and co-writer of the original book) out on the social media platform Blueky. Gaiman’s response was both concise and final: “Douglas has moved on to other projects.”

Good Omens Season 3 Will Adapt An Unfinished Sequel Written By Neil Gaiman And Terry Pratchett

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These fans are understandably excited about Good Omens’ season 3 because its story has a very high pedigree. While the first season was based on the book written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, the second season was completely original (though still quite entertaining).

Interestingly, Gaiman and Pratchett had begun work on an unfinished sequel to that first book, and Gaiman has said that season 3 would be based on that story, which sounds like a great way to honor the late, great Terry Pratchett.

Neil Gaiman Is Likely Writing Season 3 Now That The Strike Has Ended

Gaiman also has a very clear game plan in mind for Good Omens season 3. Previously, he stated that he had this season “planned and plotted and if there wasn’t a Writers Strike on I’d be writing it right now.” While the SAG-AFTRA strike continues, the WGA strike has been resolved, theoretically allowing Gaiman to work on the story to his heart’s content.

Season 3 Will Be The Final Season Of Good Omens

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Another reason fans are rightfully excited about Good Omens season 3 is that Gaiman has definitively stated that it is going to be the very last season of the show: over on Tumblr, he answered a fan’s question about further seasons with “No, there won’t be an S4.” That means that the third season must wrap up various plotlines, especially those surrounding the intense affection between Aziraphale and Crowley. 

Good Omens Star David Tennant Is Back In Doctor Who

While the ongoing actor’s strike ensures that a third season of Good Omens will be very far off, fans eager for more of their favorite demon with a heart of gold can check out David Tennant’s return as the Tenth Doctor in the Doctor Who specials premiering November 25. We have a feeling those specials will make Good Omens fans say “let’s go.”  Or, as the Tenth Doctor might put it, “allons-y!”