Good Omens Season 3 Bittersweet Future Revealed

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

Sad news for Neil Gaiman fans—the end is indeed nigh for the Amazon adaptation of his book coauthored with the late Terry Pratchett, as Variety reports. Good Omens Season 3 marks the final season of the streaming series. 

David Tennant And Michael Sheen Return For The Last Time In Good Omens Season 3

Good Omens season 2

Dry your tears, though, Good Omens fans, as Amazon nonetheless advances yet another chapter in what was initially a one-off miniseries project. As a collaborative novel, miniseries, and multi-season show, the Good Omens universe has won the hearts and minds of viewers worldwide, carving out a name for itself with it unique blend of signature wit, original fantasy, and apocalyptic drama. 

Amazon streamers will certainly celebrate the return of their favorite, alebit unlikely, duo. This, of course, would be Aziraphale (played wonderfully by Michael Sheen) and Crowley (David Tennant, equally fantastic), back again for Good Omens Season 3. The former is a meticulous angel and rare book dealer, while the latter is a rebellious demon. 

Good Omens Was Meant To Be A One Season Miniseries

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This unlikely friendship constitutes the story’s core. Together, the angel and demon strive to stave off the end of the world, and their dynamic comprises the key draw for the series, offering humorous and heartfelt moments in equal measure. Their chemistry—and the imaginative sweep of the show—drew in a humongous audience, one significant enough to transform the project from a limited series to a trilogy. 

Season 2 Was Just As Successful

good omens season 2

Initially launched as a one-off in 2019, no one expected Good Omens to eventuate as Season 2, let alone a Season 3. But its immense popularity and critical acclaim catapulted the series to renewal for a second season in 2021, as the story broadened beyond the confines of the original narrative. Thankfully, as revealed by Neil Gaiman, both Pratchett and he had conceptualized a sequel to the novel. This creative blueprint set the stage for the show’s continuation. Fans hope this final chapter will conclude the streaming series on a high note. 

Season 2’s Cliffhanger Ending

Streamers will recall that the second season finished with a significant cliffhanger, generating massive anticipation around how the narrative will conclude. Gaiman, able to develop the story long past its initial endpoint in the 90s, expressed his enthusiasm for realizing the full vision he shared with Pratchett. Like George R.R. Martin was able to do with Game of Thrones, Gaiman will explore new fictional possibilities–exceeding those of his literary work–with Good Omens Season 3.

Season 3

Set to begin production in Scotland, the final season promises to return to the theme of Armageddon, placing Aziraphale and Crowley once again at the vanguard of avoiding global catastrophe. 

Expectations are also high at Aamazon MGM Studios. The head of television for the enormous production company, Vernon Sanders, heaped praise on Good Omens, citing its ingenuity, comedy, and thematic prowess—making “goodness,” as he put it, enjoying to root for. The executive also highlighted the project’s immense watchability. 

Viewers should look forward to a continuation of the series’s dynamic energy and original storytelling heading into Good Omens Season 3. 

Gaiman will further his partnership with Amazon MGM Studios as he labors over a TV series for his novel, Anansi Boys. He also remains the executive producer, writer, and showrunner for Good Omens—alongside Rob Wilkins of Narrativia, who represents Pratchett’s estate, as well as Josh Cole from BBC Studios Productions.