Gina Carano Was Set To Do Multiple Star Wars Projects Before Her Firing

Gina Carano was apparently attached to numerous projects in the upcoming expansion of Disney+'s Star Wars stories. Not anymore

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

gina carano star wars

Gina Carano was on a path to being one of the biggest names in one of the biggest franchises around. The trajectory was pretty clear and she had established herself as something of an integral part of the Star Wars universe on Disney+. That all came crashing down recently, but it was far from the original plan. Apparently, the studio had Carano attached to a number of Star Wars projects going forward before her ouster last week. 

While it isn’t specified which projects Gina Carano missed out on, it doesn’t take much to speculate that it would have likely been the complete run of Star Wars shows coming down the pike for the studio. Of course, her Cara Dune was going to have a place in The Mandalorian for the foreseeable future with the two fighters similarly aligned. They already had some awesome moments in the first two seasons and Dune’s character was such a welcome juxtaposition to the masked bounty hunter. 

And beyond that, there are so many other shows in this same timeline that Gina Carano would have likely taken part in all of them. There’s the miniseries The Book of Boba Fett coming out later this year which will carry out that character’s story after we last left him at the end of The Mandalorian’s Season Two. But they also have Ahsoka coming out with Rosario Dawson which will tell the story of that Jedi.  And there’s Rangers of the New Republic as well, though details around that show are sparse right now. She might have even been planned as that show’s star. There’s going to be significant crossover with all of these projects seeing as they are all essentially spinoffs of The Mandalorian. 

gina carano star wars

The plans for Gina Carano in the Star Wars universe all changed late last week when the studio fired her. After months of build-up surrounding her social media messaging with controversy broiling because of some of her opinions, there was a breaking point with Disney. That followed an Instagram post by Carano that compared the plight of the Jews during the Holocaust to that of Republicans in the United States today. Disney saw this as the final straw and they released the actress from her Star Wars role. There was a quick movement to basically remove the character altogether and even her action figure sets were discontinued

Gina Carano was quickly picked up by another studio/ media company when The Daily Wire announced they had signed her to a deal that would include producing and starring in an upcoming, unnamed, film. The company has been expanding its film and television division and saw Carano as aligned with its core base of readers and fans. Carano will be at the forefront now of that movement and she represents the biggest on-screen name to sign on with that group. 

How Star Wars ultimately handles the story of the character is unknown. They could just simply ignore the storyline altogether. Or they could end up recasting the role. That much remains to be seen, but now we know that the bright Star Wars future for Gina Carano is over.