Gina Carano Refuses To Back Down, Makes More Controversial Statements

Gina Carano continues to double down on her controversial views regarding COVID and the 2020 election.

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Gina Carano refuses to be canceled. In fact, she’s taking umbrage with the idea that she can’t voice her opinions on certain (possibly touchy) subjects. Where we’ve seen many-a-celebrity quickly heel turn off poorly-received comments when there is a public outcry, Carano appears to be using her MMA training in this one. She’s not going on the defensive in her latest social media dust-up. On the other hand, she’s come out swinging. Where others might have started issuing apologies or deleting tweets, Carano has instead doubled down on her stances regarding vaccines and mail-in voting especially. Here’s her latest tweet which is causing a stir. 

Carano has made her position on these topics pretty clear. Over the last month or so, it’s caused considerable backlash for The Mandalorian star. This latest tweet leaves very little doubt where she stands on both her trust of a potential COVID-19 vaccine coming down the pike or the government’s control over it as well. That she gets a little mail-in voting fraud for good measure leaves out any room for subtlety or interpretation. 

This *issue* for Carano goes back about a month when she first pushed back on social media about possible voter fraud in the US election as well as being staunchly against masking policies related to pandemic regulations. The Mandalorian fans called for her ouster because of the comments claiming them to be irresponsible for a high profile figure like the actress. 

But Disney studios gave no real inclination this was their plan for Gina Carano who plays Cara Dune on the popular show in the Star Wars franchise. In fact, show lead Pedro Pascal even came out in support of Carano and her right to express free speech around the topic. Sure, there were a couple of rumors she might be ultimately replaced, but those haven’t picked up much steam in recent weeks. Whether this latest comment causes a revisiting of her role in the show is unclear, but I suspect if the previous messages didn’t spell her undoing, then these won’t either. 

Gina Carano Mandalorian

Gina Carano isn’t the only actress to come under fire of late for comments around vaccinations specifically. Letitia Wright, Black Panther star and possible heir to the Wakanda throne, ended up deleting her social media accounts completely after she retweeted a video that some saw as conspiracy theory propaganda around the topic. This action may have happened after some hard talks she had with Marvel Studios who could have been disappointed about the possible face of a franchise coming under media scrutiny. 

Calling for an actor’s or actress’s firing over comments on social media is probably a bit of a stretch. Free speech still has some merit, and I doubt from her actions we see Gina Carano begin to walk anything back anytime soon. She’s signaled that she isn’t all that worried about cancel culture at this point. But with The Mandalorian wrapping up its second season in the next couple of weeks, it will be interesting to see if Disney has the same take. Season 3 for the show will tell the story here for the studio’s willingness to back talent who come under media fire.

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