The Expendables 4 Stars Are Trashing Their Own Movie

By Jessica Goudreault | Published

50 Cent

As fans of the Expendables film franchise get ready for Expendables 4 to hit theaters on September 22, one of its stars is making fun of the movie. The rapper/actor 50 Cent is joining the all-star cast as the new member Easy Day, and he took to his Instagram to poke fun at a poster of himself. In the caption, 50 Cent tells his 29.6 million followers that his head doesn’t look like it’s connected to his body, and even asks, “did we run out of money?”

Did we run out of money? Why my head look like it ain’t connected to my body. I bet they are gonna make @officialslystallone look great. SMH.

50 Cent on Expendables 4

In the promotional image for Expendables 4 (also known as Expend4bles), 50 Cent is wearing full military gear as he holds a huge gun and looks at the camera with a serious expression. In the background, there are explosions ranging from red to orange to green. It gives fans a little sneak peek into what the rapper-turned-actor will look like in the upcoming crazy action film.

Many fans have commented on the post, also poking fun at the unrealistic poster while keeping things lighthearted. Some say that it looks like the cover of a mixtape from the early 2000s, while others joke that that’s just what the rapper looks like. Either way, it’s causing a stir of excitement for the new film.

In addition to promoting Expendables 4, 50 Cent also added two hashtags to promote his own brands, Black Cognac and Le Chemin du Roi (which translates to the King’s path). Both the cognac brand and the champagne brand are the official drinks of the Houston Rockets, Houston Texans, Las Vegas Golden Knights, and several other professional sports teams.

50 Cent in Expendables 4

Expendables 4 will mark 50 Cent’s debut in the film franchise as he joins fellow crew members in their mission to stop a terrorist organization from smuggling nuclear warheads. Originally, he almost joined the cast back in 2010 when he was considered for the role of Hale Caesar, but it ultimately went to Terry Crews.

Expendables 4 expands the already expansive cast, adding 50 Cent, Megan Fox, and Tony Jaa to the core group.

50 Cent won’t be the only new face in Expendables 4. Megan Fox joins the team as Gina, a CIA agent and the girlfriend of Lee Christmas (Jason Statham). Andy Garcia also plays a CIA agent, and Thai martial artist Tony Jaa plays a character named Decha.

There will still be several familiar faces from the Expendables franchise, including Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, and Jason Statham. However, Stallone has stated that this will be his final appearance in the film franchise. At 77 years old, it seems fitting for him to sit back and let the younger guys take the lead.

Expendables 4 is going to kick off a new trilogy in the franchise, but according to Sylvester Stallone, it will be his last.

As Sylvester Stallone plans to exit the franchise, he has said that Expendables 4 will kick off a new trilogy, so fans should expect at least two more films filled with ridiculous action and over-the-top bloodshed.

To get ready for the new film, we recommend watching all three of the previous Expendables films, which were released in 2010, 2012, and 2014. They are packed full of insane action sequences and feature appearances from many acclaimed badass stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Ronda Rousey, and so many more.