Exclusive: Wonder Man Show In Development For Disney+

By Faith McKay | 21 seconds ago

wonder man

Every once in a while, Marvel will hint at Wonder Man. The superhero, also known as Simon Williams, appeared in Marvel comics for the first time back in 1964. While six months ago may feel like forever in Hollywood time, it was about that time when Marvel hinted that this classic character would soon appear on Disney+. It wasn’t clear back then if he would be on another series or in a project all his own, but many believed we would see him on WandaVision. In fact, many believed it was essential. Some even considered that Vision may have secretly been Wonder Man himself. In the end, the character was sidelined in WandaVision, but as it turns out, Disney hasn’t forgotten him altogether. Thanks to work from one of our trusted and proven inside sources, we’ve learned that Disney+ will soon have its own Wonder Man show.

Currently, the Disney+ show is in development. We weren’t able to learn who they’re considering to cast in the lead role. It seems likely that Marvel is aware fans will want to know this one and they are keeping their speculation wrapped tight while they move forward with early decisions for this project. In the past, Nathan Fillion has been a name thrown around for the character. This is pretty much all due to James Gunn, who is close friends with the actor known as Captain Tightpants from Firefly.

nathan fillion

James Gunn has cast Nathan Fillion in a few of his projects. Most recently, Fillion has a role in The Suicide Squad for DC. At one point, Gunn had a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 for Wonder Man, played by Fillion. While that didn’t happen, movie posters made on set were leaked and fans asked about it. In the end, Gunn said it was safe to call Nathan Fillion as Wonder Man canon. That hardly counts as word from Marvel themselves, but it’s enough to make fans in the know ask about this one right away.

There are bigger questions, though. For example, what story will Wonder Man have in this new series? He’s been in Marvel comics since 1964. In that first issue, he actually died. His revival, through having his consciousness saved in a computer, is an important part of his character story. He’s had relationships with the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, a lot to do with Scarlet Witch, and at one point, he dated Ms. Marvel. The upcoming Ms. Marvel series on Disney+ will have a teenage superhero in the lead, and it seems unlikely that we’ll be seeing Wonder Man in an appropriate age range. Seeing Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man interact would be a popular choice. They have a complicated history that includes romantic interest on his part.

Of course, while Marvel boss Kevin Feige is a fan of the comics, the storyline for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is its own thing. They can create Wonder Man for the screen in any way they wish, which means that ultimately, they could create any version of Wonder Man they see fit. Still, they do seem to like to create as much consistency with the comics as works for their world. It’ll be interesting to see what they decide to use as a starting point for their Disney+ series.