Exclusive: Victoria Pedretti Eyed For Harley Quinn In The Batman Sequel And HBO Max Series

By Doug Norrie | Updated

victoria pedretti

With The Batman, Matt Reeves and company established a totally new version of Gotham City, a place much darker and grittier than really we’ve ever seen before in the franchise. The movie has been such a success, and the story is already so rich that we are going to be getting sequels and spinoff series in short order. That means more characters in Batman’s universe. And now we know who Reeves is eyeing for an infamous part in this universe. The latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive from our trusted and proven source has it that Victoria Pedretti is in the running to play Harley Quinn in the Arkham Asylum series as well as The Batman sequels.

While this isn’t firm news of a casting, it appears that Victoria Pedretti could take over the role of Harley Quinn with the idea being that she would be a much more grounded version of the character than we’ve seen in the past. Quinn is known for her genius hysteria, something that’s really come across on the big screen recently in different DC ventures. Pedretti would likely shift that tone something which makes sense considering how The Batman established its story and its world around the Caped Crusader’s universe. This isn’t exactly a laugh-a-minute type of world and the new Harley Quinn would have to mix in with the current gestalt. 

Apparently, in addition to Harley Quinn having a major role in the Arkham Asylum series, she is also going to make an appearance in an upcoming The Batman sequel as well. If Victoria Pedretti were to land the role we would be seeing quite a bit of her in the franchise which makes sense considering how prominent the character is in the comic book stories. There’s some chance we see Quinn go back to her psychologist roots in this series and maybe even establish a relationship with Barry Keoghan’s Joker along the way as well. Considering this is at the heart of her origin story, The Batman at least began to set up such a meeting with Joker already a resident of that institution at the end of the movie. 

Considering this new Arkham Asylum series is said to possibly have a psychological thriller or even horror vibe to it, Victoria Pedretti might fit right in. She’s best known for her work in The Haunting franchise and also starred in Netflix’s You for the second and third seasons as Love Quinn. So she’s got this genre in her wheelhouse already. While not our seemingly prototypical version of Harley Quinn in the works, if the franchise was going to take a milder and darker turn then she could fit right in. 

Of course, anyone who takes the Harley Quinn in the Arkham series or in The Batman franchise would have some big DC shoes to fill. That’s because Margot Robbie has almost become synonymous with the role after the first two Suicide Squad movies as well as Birds of Prey. She’s been fantastic, every bit the hysterically hilarious version of the character. It would make sense for Matt Reeves and company to want to pivot some away from that version and establish a new character, maybe with Victoria Pedretti, that fits in with their franchise’s current tone.