Exclusive: The Matrix Is Becoming A Big Budget TV Series

The Matrix is getting an HBO Max series. Here is all we know about it.

By Drew Dietsch | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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The Matrix is coming back with a fourth installment headed to theaters and HBO Max later this year. Many have wondered if this means the franchise is looking to be revived in a big way. Fans have certainly been hoping for another return to the cyberpunk world and it looks like Warner Bros. wants to capitalize on the new interest in the property.

Our trusted inside source – the same one that gave us our confirmed scoop about Josh Brolin returning as Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – has learned that a big-budget Matrix series is in the works for HBO Max. The show will be set in the same world as the movies but will focus on different characters dealing with The Matrix. If we were willing to place a bet, it is likely that this series will be announced closer to the release of the fourth film in the series. That will add some additional hype to the new movie and let fans know that Warner Bros. is committed to expanding the universe.

An HBO Max series set in the world of The Matrix makes a ton of sense. The science-fiction world has countless avenues that a series could explore. Other than the main feature films, the property has only really been able to expand outwards in video games and the excellent short film collection The Animatrix. Would this new series draw upon any of the canon established in those projects? Or would this offer the property a chance to reinvent some things and even experiment with new ideas?

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Another big question around The Matrix HBO Max series would be how involved the Wachowskis would be in the story. They are no strangers to streaming shows after creating the Netflix series Sense8. That show found a strong and loyal cult following, so it is very possible that the Wachowskis could be deeply involved with this new series since they are good at cultivating fans. Plus, the property is one that they are deeply attached to. It would seem kind of criminal if they didn’t play an integral part in the show’s construction.

What is really thrilling about The Matrix HBO Max series is the idea that we will be exploring brand new characters. While it is exciting that we will get to see Neo and Trinity in the upcoming film, there is a promise of focusing on a lot of new characters. Could this television series potentially include some of those new characters? Or will this act as a total standalone experience that anyone can watch without having to know the substance of the movies? And will there be an opportunity for fan-favorite characters like Morpheus to make an appearance?

We are so happy that we get to break the news about The Matrix HBO Max series. The property is one that can use expansion and experimentation, and this series seems like the perfect way to enact those directives. And with the promise that this will be a big-budget show, this could the chance for Warner Bros. to cultivate their own blockbuster streaming franchise much like Disney is doing with Marvel and Star Wars. We will be eagerly awaiting more news about this project. Hopefully, we will find out some more when the new film hits theaters and HBO Max on December 22.