Exclusive: Harry Styles’ Future With Marvel Revealed

We've exclusively learned what Marvel has planned for Harry Styles.

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Marvel fans have now had a couple of weeks to process that Harry Styles is in the post-credits scene for Eternals. Styles has been picking up acting roles for a while now, but he’s still mostly known as a singer and teen heartthrob. This has left a lot of people wondering just how big his Marvel future is going to be. Right now, his part in Eternals is small, but his character is an important one. Starfox is the brother of Thanos. Where is the studio going with this? Thanks to some work from one of our trusted and proven inside sources, we now have answers.

Harry Styles is set to become a major part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Audiences should expect to see a lot more of him. In fact, the actor signed a deal for five movies total. He’s been talking to Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel, who promised big things for the actor’s future. A solo project for Starfox is a possibility on the table.

Everything our source shared indicated that Marvel is, once again, using their post-credits scene to set up a huge part of their cinematic universe. They did this with Samuel L. Jackson when he appeared in the post-credits scene for Iron Man. His appearance as Nick Fury was exciting for fans of the comics, who knew that meant big things right from the get-go. It sounds like Harry Styles is being set up for a massive future in their cinematic universe, something comparable to Nick Fury’s many appearances.

While we were able to learn that Harry Styles signed a five-movie deal with Marvel, we were unable to confirm which movies he is expected to appear in. It’s possible that Eternals 2 could be one of those movies, but it’s not necessary. As the brother of Thanos, it will make sense for Starfox to appear in a lot of different projects.

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Starfox vs Thanos in Marvel Comics

With Thanos gone, but his legacy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe carrying forward, it makes sense that his brother will now appear in future movies to help deal with the ramifications of the villain’s actions. In the comics, cleaning up Thanos’ mess was often a role Harry Styles’ Starfox played. The character, who is also known as Eros, has always been the opposite of his brother. He’s carefree, chipper, and loves adventure.

In the comics, the two regularly square off. Audiences won’t be able to see that happen unless Marvel decides to have flashback scenes to show the pair’s relationship, but that’s not really necessary. Establishing Harry Styles as Starfox and then showing him deal with the results of the Snap is enough to provide some continuity for audiences after so many movies featuring the villain.

Eternals is set to premiere on November 5, 2021. After it does, the details of the Harry Styles post-credits scene will soon hit the internet. It’s going to be interesting to see how that scene handles establishing Starfox’s character, and how fans react once they finally see Harry Styles in the role.

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