Exclusive: Amber Heard Working To Enter The Harry Potter Universe

Amber Heard is looking to join the Harry Potter universe.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Amber Heard already has her feet firmly planted in one major movie franchise over at Warner Bros.: the DC universe. She will be returning as Mera in the upcoming sequel Aquaman 2, but exactly what the future holds for her after that is a bit of a mystery. We know of at least one project but that’s all that is on the horizon. What else might she have in store for her career? Well, it turns out that she is angling for a spot in another significant film series, and one that holds some interesting personal history for her.

According to one of our trusted and proven insider sources, Amber Heard is angling for a role in a Harry Potter feature film. Exactly which project is she eyeing? We were unable to discern that but our source does say that her recent interest in the property is due to the fact that her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, has had to exit the franchise after being dealt a huge blow in the ongoing legal feuds between the two. It looks like the actress has her eyes set on some kind of role in the ongoing franchise but did not want to be a part of it while Depp was still in the picture. Now that he is out, our source says she is inquiring about a potential spot in the series.

Again, we are not able to confirm just what Harry Potter project Amber Heard wants to be a part of. Would it be a role in the Fantastic Beasts movies that Depp was made to vacate? Or could it be another project such as the highly anticipated attempt at a Harry Potter series on HBO Max? Considering that Heard recently was a key player in another streaming series, The Stand, that might be where her sights are set. It would give her potential longevity instead of a single movie appearance, and it would maintain some distance from the elements of the franchise that Johnny Depp was associated with. Our source cannot confirm that this is the Harry Potter project Heard is looking at, but it is our best guess that that is where her interests lie.

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We wonder if this means that Amber Heard might be exiting her time as Mera in the DC universe or not. Would she be juggling appearances in both a Harry Potter project and future DC installments? Or would she have to choose between one franchise or the other? Just what kind of deal is she looking to strike with the powers-that-be over at Warner Bros.? If she does end up being a prominent figure in both franchises, she will be one of the most significant female actors working in tentpole franchises today.

We will have to wait and see if Amber Heard does find her way into the Wizarding World and what kind of role she would be taking. With Aquaman 2 underway, it is likely that we will be hearing more developments about her future sooner rather than later.