Ewan McGregor Reveals How He Uses The Force In Real Life

It seems that Ewan McGregor likes to use the Force in his real life, carrying over the power from his time spent as Obi-Wan Kenobi

By Doug Norrie | Updated

ewan mcgregor obi wan

Ewan McGregor is set to reprise a role in the Star Wars universe that has fans more than a little excited. A long time coming, Obi-Wan Kenobi is going to begin to fill in one of the most crucial time periods in the franchise’s timeline and McGregor will take on the titular character once again. And it seems that the actor enjoys taking on some aspects of the character even when he isn’t on camera. There appears to be a carryover in what makes Kenobi an actual Jedi with McGregor admitting that he uses “the Force” when it comes to his everyday life. The actor admitted as much in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly (via Variety). You might even catch him using his “powers” out at the store. 

In the interview, Ewan McGregor admitted that he does employ the Force motion out in his walking around time, specifically when it comes to opening doors at the grocery store. Can you even blame him? When you’ve taken part in some of the biggest movies of our time as an iconic character known for being one of the most powerful Jedis ever, doesn’t that afford you a little fun off-camera when it comes to using this kind of power? I would hope so. And it’s a sign that McGregor clearly values playing the role, understanding that it’s part of the deal when starring in this franchise. Check out what Ewan McGregor said about using the Force in his regular life: 

“I do it with doors!…I like to do that with automatic doors just for my own amusement. I always do a little Jedi move for the doors and I have occasionally been caught doing it…it makes me laugh, but occasionally I’ve been caught doing that, and that’s kind of embarrassing. It’s difficult not to do it, isn’t it? It’s fun. If the timing is right, it feels very powerful.”

Who among us hasn’t done this from time to time? I know I still pull off the move with the kids around, pointing at a door and commanding it to open when stepping onto the sensor at the store. It’s good to feel that kind of “power” at your fingertips, sensing for a second that with just a little concentration (and maybe a higher midi-chlorian count) you could be like Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi, actually opening doors in front of you using the power that connects all living things. It’s just one of the many reasons Star Wars is such a fan-favorite franchise. The “everyman” nature of the Force does make it feel like you could have it just like the other Jedi. 

As for Ewan McGregor and his next foray into the Star Wars universe, well that will include a lot more of the Force for sure, beyond just opening some random doors. Obi-Wan Kenobi is set to premiere on Disney+ on May 25th and will tell the story fans have been waiting to see for years and years. Set after the events of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and before Episode IV – A New Hope, the story will focus on the titular character and his move to Tattoine to keep watch over a young Luke Skywalker. 

In addition to Ewan McGregor, we will also see a return from Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader who will be tracking down the remaining Jedi in the Galaxy while also searching for his son and daughter. Joel Egerton and Bonnie Piesse are also here as Luke’s uncle and aunt. There’s sure to be plenty of the Force in this one, representing one of the cooler stories we’ve seen in the franchise yet.