ER Spiritual Sequel Series With Noah Wyle Is Happening

By Jacob VanGundy | Published

The Pitt is an upcoming medical drama for Max with some exciting names attached. Former ER star Noah Wyle will be returning to the genre that made him a household name, along with former ER writers and producers. This is big news for fans of the genre, reuniting some of the minds that brought ER to life and created the modern medical drama decades ago. 

The Pitt

Noah Wyle

Set in Pittsburgh, The Pitt will follow the day-to-day drama of a modern hospital. Not much is known about the plot or casting, besides Noah Wyle’s involvement. However, that’s enough for fans of classic ER to be excited about the new show. 

ER was one of the biggest TV shows of the 1990s and 2000s, defining the medical drama during that era. With a whopping 331 episodes over 15 seasons, it was an institution, being the longest-running medical drama until Grey’s Anatomy claimed that title.

It received 23 Emmys over its long run, and had a sizable fandom, making a spiritual sequel an exciting prospect. 

Noah Wyle Was John Carter On ER

Noah Wyle

Noah Wyle played Dr. John Carter on ER. He was nominated for outstanding supporting actor five times during his time on ER, though he never managed to bring an Emmy home.

The Pitt will be the perfect opportunity for Noah Wyle to return to the genre he’s best known for and do what he does best. 

ER Showrunners Producing The Pitt

While Noah Wyle’s involvement is the most high-profile ER connection, the involvement of R.

Scott Gemmill and John Wells should be just as exciting for fans of the older show. Both worked as producers on ER with John Wells being the showrunner.

Both will be producing The Pitt and Gemmill will be the showrunner, so the new medical drama is in good hands. 

Waiting On Details

It’s great to see the minds responsible for one of the biggest medical dramas returning to their roots.

While we don’t have many details yet, a joint statement from Gemmill, Wells, and Noah Wyle does give some idea of the tone they’re going for saying, “We’re thrilled to be able to return to this world with the support of our partners and are looking forward to pushing the boundaries of dramatic realism and medical accuracy in following the lives of these heroic men and women.”

15-Episode Order?


Apart from the connections to ER, one notable thing about The Pitt is that it has received a 15-episode order.

That’s a lot of episodes for a streaming series, which typically only recieve around 10 episodes a season. This is being hailed as Max trying to imitate how networks ran genre shows like ER in the pre-streaming era. 

The fact that Max is trying to emulate network TV with longer seasons could help it stand out and find an audience, longing for that type of storytelling. This isn’t just a win for fans of medical dramas, but a good sign for fans of the pre-streaming model of TV in general.

Longer seasons, veteran showrunners, and building around beloved actors like Noah Wyle show that Max is trying to bring back what made older shows work. 

Noah Wyle Making It A Breakout Hit?

Falling Skies Noah Wyle

While network TV has continued to make medical dramas, streaming platforms have yet to have a major hit in the genre, The Pitt could change that.

With veterans working behind the scenes and a notable start like Noah Wyle, it could be a breakout hit. Fans hungry for a new medical drama, but with a familiar fill, should keep an eye on The Pitt. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter