Kevin Costner Horizon 2 Canceled From Theaters

By Em Helena | Published

Kevin Costner’s Western Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 2 was slated to release to theaters on August 16. However, due to the disappointing theatrical debut of the first installment, the upcoming film has been pulled from the release calendar.

Horizon Chapter 2 Pulled From Theaters

Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 2, which matched the first with a budget of $100 million, has been removed from the upcoming premiere calendar, Kevin Costner lets us know that it will not be scrapped completely. Instead, its premiere will be significantly delayed in hopes that the audience will have the opportunity to become more familiar with the first film. 

A Bold Gamble

Backed by Kevin Costner’s Territory Pictures and New Line Cinema Horizon: Chapter 1, released June 28, 2024, was given a budget of $100 million. However, on opening weekend, which usually sets the precedent for how the film will be received, only $11 million in box office sales were made. In its second weekend, it made almost half that, and to put the nail in the coffin, it only garnered $3 million overseas. As of now, it’s unclear if the project has even broken even, let alone if it has made a profit.

A Multi-Movie Passion Project

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Kevin Costner previously made it known that he intends for the Horizon saga to take place over four movies. Warner Bros signed on to the project earlier this year and initially green-lit the unusual strategy of releasing a sequel two months after the premiere of the first. Kevin Costner was so passionate about the creation of this series that he even left the cast of the popular drama Yellowstone, of which he had been a part of for all five seasons.

In addition to delaying the release of Horizon: Chapter 2 to boost the viewership of the first film, Chapter 1 will be available on Premium VOD and Max on July 16. Kevin Costner and the production team hope that by making Horizon: Chapter 1 more accessible, audience enthusiasm will grow enough to debut Horizon: Chapter 2 successfully.

Production For The Third Film Is Scheduled Soon

In a statement released by Territory Pictures and New Line Cinema, distributors of Kevin Costner’s Horizon, they expressed gratitude for those who have shown support. They further by saying that Kevin Costner wanted to make Horizon for people who love movies and the journey they take you on and that the enthusiasm received from fans has affirmed his passion for continuing the Horizon saga.

As far as a new official release date for Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 2, none has been provided. However, despite this production hiccup, Kevin Costner is still pushing forward with the Horizon saga. In fact, production for Horizon: Chapter 3 is supposed to begin this August.

No Official Word On The New Release

For those who are fans of Kevin Costner’s Horizon: Chapter 1 and have pre-purchased tickets for the premiere of the second installment, contact the theater you purchased from, and it will be refunded. Until an official statement regarding a new premiere date is released, all we can do is wait and watch the first and cross our fingers that the following premieres for Kevin Costners’s Horizon saga will be more successful.