Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Finally Happening Thanks To Tom Cruise’s New Deal?

By Douglas Helm | Published

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise recently signed a landmark deal with Warner Bros Discovery where the superstar actor would produce and star in movies for the studio. Cruise’s production company is even moving some into some offices on the Warner Bros lot. It’s unclear what exactly this deal means right now, but could it possibly open the door for the much-wanted Edge of Tomorrow 2?

Tom Cruise’s Massive Warner Bros. Deal Could Finally Bring Us Edge Of Tomorrow 2

Fans have been clamoring for a sequel to Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt’s 2014 film for years, and this deal with Warner Bros Discovery could be the perfect catalyst to get Edge of Tomorrow 2 made sooner than later.

The first film was made with Warner Bros Pictures, so it stands to reason that Cruise could have more time to make this anticipated sequel if he’s directly working with the studio on a regular basis. Emily Blunt even recently confirmed that there was a completed script for the film, so it seems like there really shouldn’t be any barriers to making it happen.

What’s In The Deal?

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The question remains: what exactly does this Warner Bros Discovery deal entail, especially since it is non-exclusive and Cruise is still working with other movie studios? At the very least, it seems like it guarantees that Warner Bros Discovery will get at least a few new Cruise movies in the coming years, especially if they’re willing to give Cruise a big budget to do what he wants. Edge of Tomorrow 2 will certainly need to be a spectacle on par with the original, so a decent budget will be necessary.

Edge Of Tomorrow Was A Box Office Miss

The first Edge of Tomorrow film is based on the Japanese light novel All You Need is Kill and follows Tom Cruise as a man who finds himself living (and dying) the same day over and over again as he attempts to battle the alien threat that has been attacking Earth. Fortunately, he meets the battle-hardened warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), who helps train him to get closer to beating the aliens in each loop. While the movie had a satisfying ending, there has still been demand for Edge of Tomorrow 2.Interestingly, Edge of Tomorrow wasn’t really a massive hit for Cruise at the box office, pulling in $375 million against a budget of $175 million. While it wasn’t a bomb by any means, it’s far from the financial success you would typically expect from Cruise. So, why would Warner Bros Discovery want to do Edge of Tomorrow?

Aged Like Fine Wine

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Edge of Tomorrow faced some marketing troubles upon its release, mostly because the name of the movie changed numerous times, making its marketing push and subsequent release a bit confusing. However, the film has become hugely popular since its release in the home video and streaming markets. Many consider it to be a modern sci-fi classic, and that’s why Edge of Tomorrow 2 has the potential to do huge numbers.

Edge Of Tomorrow Is (Almost) A Sure Thing

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Plus, there’s the fact that the Warner Bros Discovery press release for the deal with Tom Cruise said that the partnership would mean they would be developing both original and franchise films. Out of all the films that Cruise has done with Warner Bros, Edge of Tomorrow is the only one that could be a franchise. At this point, the mystery around Edge of Tomorrow 2 seems less like an “if” and more like a “when?”