Dwayne Johnson Headed For Deadpool 3?

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

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Dwayne Johnson is no stranger to action movies, having taken part in a ton of them over the years. But he’s just now starting to make a foray into the comic book/ superhero realm which could vault him into an even different stratosphere in terms of fame. This honestly, doesn’t even feel possible. But that might be the case with recent rumors having Johnson possibly jumping into a major Marvel franchise soon. That’s right, there’s some word that Dwayne Johnson could be joining Deadpool 3

The rumor around Dwayne Johnson joining Deadpool 3 comes from Ryan Reynolds supposedly wanting to get the superstar at least a cameo in the movie. This would make a lot of sense considering the two have been working together more lately, have a clear friendship and Johnson showing up would potentially make the flick an even bigger draw (if that’s even possible). These are just rumors of course, but it’s cleat that Reynolds does hold quite a bit of sway over the Deadpool franchise and rightfully so. 

Even if Dwayne Johnson didn’t appear in Deadpool 3, he’s still about to make a big splash in the comic book movie genre. He’s slated to star in Black Adam which will be part of the DC Extended Universe. It’s going to be a spin-off and sequel to Shazam! and will introduce the character to the DC crowd. There are even rumors that Johnson could be channeling a little of his inner Ryan Reynolds because the former is apparently lobbying for Black Adam to really dial up the violence. It’s worked smashingly for Deadpool so why not try it here?

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Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson apparently developed quite the friendship on their recent movie Red Notice. It’s currently in post-production and the two star along with Gal Gadot in the action comedy. It’s about an FBI agent (Johnson) tracking down two thieves (Reynolds and Gadot). Its release has been consistently pushed back because of pandemic-related closures, but is slated to hit Netflix some time this year. With this cast there’s reason to expect great things. 

Could Dwayne Johnson make Deadpool 3 an even bigger draw than the first two? That’s a tough sell only because they were already blowing things out of the box on their own. The first two films combined to earn $1.57 billion at the box office on *only* $168 million in total budget. That’s about as good as anyone could ever imagine. And they were hits with critics as well with the first one hitting 85% on the Tomatometer. 

Whether Dwayne Johnson teams up again with Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3 remains to be seen, but considering how the two have dovetailed on other projects (including Hobbs & Shaw) there’s reason to be bullish about the chances. If one is pining for the other then I think we see it happen.

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With Deadpool 3 just recently confirmed and heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, getting huge cameos like Dwayne Johnson is totally in the cards. That’s how all of these movies seem to roll. Why should Ryan Reynolds and company be any different?