Dwayne Johnson Faces Extreme Fan Reactions After Superman Threats

Dwayne Johnson is talking a lot of smack about DC's Man of Steel, and Superman's fans have plenty to say back to The Rock!

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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He may not get in the wrestling ring as much as he used to, but that doesn’t mean Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has lost his knack for talking smack. He proved as much this past weekend when he tweeted his titular anti-hero in the upcoming Black Adam could be the one to put Superman in a second early grave.

The threat came in response to film critic Fico Cangiano, who tweeted his approval of the short scene previewed this past weekend at DC FanDome along with screenshots from the clip. Tagging Dwayne Johnson, he added that Superman seemed like the only one who could possibly stand against Black Adam. Johnson responded, arguing that while Black Adam and Superman share similar powers, only one of them had the willingness to kill. You can see the tweet below.

While not everyone was happy with Dwayne Johnson’s tweet, he certainly has his supporters. Some seem loyal to Johnson himself — not caring all that much about who would beat who — while others put their money on Black Adam based on the source material.

Star power only goes so far when you’re talking about comic book fans, though. Plenty of fans were there to let Dwayne Johnson know that while they liked the guy, they didn’t think Black Adam stood a chance against the Man of Steel. Of those picking a side, most seemed to be siding with Superman.

One of the points Dwayne Johnson makes in his tweet is that Black Adam doesn’t share all of Superman’s moral concerns. He suggests that since Black Adam is more than willing to kill, he’ll let loose in a way that Superman never has. A number of fans pointed out that while that might be true in the comics, the Superman of the DCEU has so far proven to be a different animal altogether.

Quiet a few fans challenged Dwayne Johnson’s claim that magic, rather than kryptonite, is Superman’s greatest weakness. While Superman is vulnerable to magic like anyone else, they argued, it doesn’t cripple or kill him like kryptonite does. And they have a point.

Others are more interested in seeing Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam taking on opponents other than Superman. Understandably, quiet a few fans want to see Adam lock horns with Zachary Levi’s Shazam, particularly since the two are rivals in the comics. And at least one fan who thinks most people aren’t “ready” for the conversation thinks it should be Wonder Woman who takes down the ancient warrior from Kahndaq.

But the truth is it seems like, of the most recent respondents, most don’t care who wins the fight or who they think would win the fight. Instead, most of the twitter users responding are using Dwayne Johnson’s post as an opportunity to promote their campaign to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse. Rather than being sated by Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the director’s fans have only been more emboldened, and a bunch of them seem to want to recruit the Rock into the fold.

Short of bringing back the SnyderVerse, a lot of fans want to make sure that if Dwayne Johnson’s character ever does lock horns with Superman on the big screen, it’s Henry Cavill he’s facing.

Regardless of who he fights in the film, the status of fictional universes, or the future employment of Henry Cavill, Black Adam is scheduled for release July 29, 2022.