Clear, Close-Up Look At Dwayne Johnson In Costume As Black Adam

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

dwayne johnson black adam

When Dwayne Johnson revealed the first official look at footage from Black Adam at the DC FanDome event on Saturday, fans were treated to a totally different kind of hero entering this universe. Johnson unveiled a character who, at least to start, appears much more a villain type, having been awoken and then attacked by a group who instantly came to regret their decision, And in this first look at Black Adam, we got to see some of the suit Dwayne Johnson will wear for the production. It looks marvelous, dark, ancient, and imposing all at once. With the FanDome reveal, we also got a closer look at just what went into this Black Adam costume for the movie. 

Look, when you have the physique of Dwayne Johnson, the Black Adam costume is mostly just window-dressing at that point. The dude is a hulking mass on his off days, and based on some of the things he posted during the shooting for Black Adam, it definitely seemed like he kicked it up a physical notch for the film. The suit accentuates all of it with it becoming almost imperceptible where Johnson ends and Black Adam begins. Check out some of the up-close shots of what he’s got going on here:

So much of the movie has been shrouded in mystery, especially during the production with fans only getting crumbs here and there to chew on about how the flick would unfold and what Dwayne Johnson would look like. It’s coming together now and Black Adam costume shots do show a level of detail, unlike many other characters we’ve seen before. Because the character of Black Adam is an ancient being, almost resurrected in this movie by accident (if the opening scenes can be trusted) there is a chance his suit is simply part of him. It’s clearly an outfit, considering there is a belt but the massive lightning bolt across the chest combined with the lines and symbols do give a sense of ancient power as well. 

When we first see Black Adam appear in the scene released at FanDome on Saturday, he spends much of it shrouded under a cloak, sitting in waiting until someone makes the bad mistake of getting too close. When the shooting starts, there’s an almost metallic feel to the Black Adam costume with bullets bouncing off it in short order. Even the boots are a heavy, almost shielded variety that give Dwayne Johnson an intimidating heaviness. But unlike a Batman character where the whole outfit is prefabricated, this again just looks like part of his being. It’s awesome. 

These first up-close glimpses of the Black Adam costume, plus the opening scenes do begin to cement Dwayne Johnson as the alpha in the DC Universe. He said as much in his opening, commenting that the hierarchy at the studio is about to change. These first looks definitely begin to back up that claim. 

Dwayne Johnson will hit the big screen in the Black Adam costume next summer on July 22nd. We are sure to see more and more detail along the way, but for now, understand that a new force has been awakened in the DC Universe. And this dude is pretty damn powerful.