Dwayne Johnson Is More Powerful Than Superman In First Black Adam Scene

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

When Dwayne Johnson finally hits the big screen as Black Adam next summer, we are set to see a character, unlike almost anything this comic book universe has had to offer yet. Long entrenched in its Justice League group of characters, DC has had little in the way of moral confusion around right and wrong in its universe. But that is set to change when Dwayne Johnson dons the black suit and brings the lightning in this next movie. From the looks of a just-released scene from Black Adam, the movie will start with some folks biting off significantly more than they can chew with this character who looks anything but benevolent. In fact, it looks quite the opposite. 

Debuting an opening scene from Black Adam at the DC FanDome event, Dwayne Johnson lets on that the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about the change. If anything, this might be a significant understatement. Johnson explains that while the movie is still very much in production right now, they were able to share a first look at the character. It’s a scene from early in the movie and our first chance to see Black Adam take center stage. Check out this first look at the character and what DC has in store here:

Wow. Just wow. Dwayne Johnson wasn’t kidding here with how he said Black Adam had the chance to reorder some of the power structure and dynamic within the DC Universe. We see a group of soldiers and explorers combing a cave full of ancient structures and hieroglyphics only to make the cardinal mistake of touching something they shouldn’t. With the operative word “Shazam!” doing the real trick, they unleash and awaken Black Adam. This proves, at least at first, to be a massive mistake. Shrouded in a hood and standing deathly still, it’s not readily apparent what they’ve brought back into this world. 

And it is at that point that Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam leaves no doubt. One brave but ultimately doomed soldier makes the first mistake in approaching the cloaked figure. It’s at that point we begin to see some of Black Adam’s real power. With a swift grip of the neck and a surge of power, he reduces this dude to first a pile of bones and then a pile of dust.

It’s then that the second mistake is made. Instead of running, the soldiers open fire on Black Adam and we see where his powers begin to intersect with Superman’s. Not only do the bullets do less than nothing, but he also snatches one out of thin air like it was a piece of candy. This is a different kind of DC “hero” we are dealing with here. And Dwayne Johnson has been clear that Black Adam won’t start off on the side of good when he’s first introduced. That looks like an understatement considering what he just saw. 

Eventually, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam hooks up with Dr. Fate and the rest of the Justice Society of America, ultimately turning to the side of good (we think). Black Adam is in post-production now and we still have quite a bit until we see the whole story unfold. It isn’t set to hit the big screen until July of next year. Until then we can only dream (or have nightmares) about the sheer power of this character.