First Detailed Look At Dwayne Johnson In His Black Adam Superhero Costume

Take a look at this photo of Dwayne Johnson on set as Black Adam for DC.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Dwayne Johnson has teased and talked about Black Adam for far too long. Now, he is giving us our first real look behind the scenes at his bodysuit for the antihero character and the wider destruction Black Adam is bringing to the set.

See the photo of Dwayne Johnson on the set for DC’s Black Adam below.

The caption on this post is fairly long for Instagram, but worth reading. He shares that he feels the image gives you a sense of the scale of the movie. It may help to point out that in this black and white photo, you can see people on the right side of the frame below whatever Dwayne Johnson is standing on. That helps give some perspective on the size of what we’re seeing here. We are also seeing Dwayne Johnson’s back. He’s wearing the bodysuit for his character in this picture.

He goes on to say that this suit is not like anything Marvel or DC superheros wear. Which makes sense, because he is an antihero. He comes back to this notion again when he says that superheroes have codes of justice. This stops them from killing the bad guys. Black Adam is something different, and in this post, Dwayne Johnson promises that his character does in fact kill the bad guys.

The actor also adds that his character is doing to change the hierarchy of power in the DC universe. He is the “Man in Black”. He is a protector of his people. Clearly, Dwayne Johnson could not be more excited about this role and opportunity. Previously, he’s shown us behind-the-scenes photos of his team helping him get ready for the set, but this is the first time we’ve gotten any sort of look at him in the bodysuit for his character.

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It’s fair to say that Dwayne Johnson has a lot of projects on his plate these days. He’s going to be in DC League of Super Pets, his Disney movie Jungle Cruise with Emily Blunt is just about to come out, and he’s working on promoting his Netflix movie Red Notice coming out later this year. Those are just a few of the projects on his plate, not to mention that he’s a father, an owner of several businesses, and a producer.

In the midst of all this chaos, he is finally on the set of Black Adam, filming the antihero story for DC. This may be the acting project the actor is most excited about. He’s been looking forward to making this movie for years. Throughout 2020, as he shared updates from his workouts on his Instagram, he consistently brought up that he was working to get in the best shape of his life for the role, which is saying something for the WWE star who is still often known as The Rock.

We still have a while to wait before we see Black Adam on screens July 29, 2022. However, there are more Dwayne Johnson movies coming out in the meantime. In fact, you can soon see the star in Disney’s Jungle Cruise on July 28, 2021, almost exactly one year before the DC film releases.