Dune Director Would Never Discuss His Movie With One Person

The director of Dune is happy to talk about his movie, except with one individual.

By Annie Banks | Published

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Dune is the latest sci-fi epic to undergo the Hollywood remake treatment. Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel is redone for the big screen, adorned with dazzling visuals and a thumping, swelling score to match. Denis Villeneuve’s interpretation of the novel is poised to perform well at the box office as an A-List cast draws in curious newcomers to the franchise and reinvites those who have waited for a grandiose reiteration of the book to evaluate the latest behemoth of a space opera for themselves. Though the 2021 rehash has generated a buzz of excitement around it, there still remains the cautious sense of skepticism left behind from David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation.

Denis Villeneuve, director of the 2021 adaptation of Dune, believes that Lynch would not be open to a discussion about his movie and their respected takes on the source material. In an interview with NME, Villeneuve said that he had not been given the chance to talk to Lynch, though he would love to. He implied that he thought that the director would not be interested in entertaining the conversation and that he thinks that Lynch did not have a positive experience with Dune. The Dune of the ’80s was deemed to be a “box office bomb,” and was practically disowned by Lynch post-release. Villeneuve previously commented that he was “half-satisfied” by Lynch’s production, and said to Empire that even though he loved Lynch’s work, there were parts of his Dune that wanted him leaving more.

He’s a master – one of the best filmmakers of all time and I have massive respect for him, even though I wanted to bring a different sensibility to my version. I tried to stay away from anything that was linked with the Lynch movie.

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David Lynch’s Dune

Villeneuve’s Dune has divided critics after its release and has earned its primary praise for its visual effects. Villeneuve has been keen on pressing for a sequel before the green light was given from Warner Bros. and confidently added “Part One” to his title card without concrete confirmation that would determine if a “Part Two” would follow in suit. Warner Bros. has ordered a prequel series as an HBO Max exclusive. Fans are still waiting on an official announcement from Warner Bros that part two will officially be made for the sci-fi epic. There have been ideas feverishly discussed by the director for his sequel. For example, he fully intends on transitioning Chani Kynes (Zendaya) from a secondary role into a lead female protagonist.

The director has no plans to replace Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides if a Dune: Part Two ever does make its way onto big screens. The director also expressed great excitement around the possibility of working with Chalamet and Zendaya once again, this time, setting the Fremen that connects deeply with Atreides in the forefront of the film. Unlike Lynch’s film, the most recent version of Dune is ambitious enough to break itself into two parts and could begin to set the framework for a Dune Cinematic Universe if Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures see it fit. It is expected that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures will make their decisions on proceeding with the Dune saga after measuring box office performances, gauging the level of moviegoer engagement.

Dune is now available to watch in theaters and through streaming on HBO Max.