The Dumbest Netflix Show Actually Got Renewed For Season 2

Netflix has no issues with canceling shows, but it also has no issue with bringing back some of its dumbest shows, as the dumbest series has received a season two.

By James Brizuela | Published


Sometimes dumb shows continue on when they shouldn’t, and sometimes good shows get canceled. Well, arguably the dumbest show on Netflix is now getting another shot to wow audiences. Is It Cake Season 2 is on the way from the streaming platform. The series sees professional cake makers trying to fool audiences at home and a panel of celebrity judges in determining if their hyper-realistic cakes are the items they are mimicking. The show was clearly popular enough to be renewed.

Is It Cake Season 2 should think about revamping the competition aspect of the show, as it was mostly underwhelming. A panel of celebrity judges was brought on every episode and stood around 10 feet away from five items. Within one of those five items is a hyper-realistic cake that is meant to mimic that item. The judges are then given 20 seconds to decide which of the five items is a cake. Yeah, it’s not all that exciting in terms of competition. The entire picking of a cake seemed as random as the show was. Most of the celebrity panels were comedians that included Finesse Mitchell, Fortune Feimster, and Loni Love. Nothing against those comedians, but wouldn’t it make more sense to bring on pastry chefs for competition purposes?

Despite the shortcomings of the series, Is It Cake Season 2 is still happening. The show is hosted by Saturday Night Live writer and cast member, Mikey Day. There is no telling if the show will be bringing on more chefs, or revamping what it did in the first season, but it sounds as if audiences found the show to be entertaining enough to warrant an additional season. The series reportedly spent four weeks at the top of the Netflix TV list in the U.S. It also remained in the top 10 in 75 other countries. That was enough for the streaming platform to renew the cooking competition series. The first season consisted of eight episodes, so it stands to reason the next will be around the same.

Is It Cake Season 2 could theoretically increase the amount given to the pastry chef that wins the competition. The grand prize was $50,000, though there were plenty of chances for the chefs to win additional money by spotting a cake once they won a round of fooling the judges. Despite that, the winning chef of season one was Andrew Fuller, who took home $80,000 based on challenges won and landed the grand prize as the big winner for the series. That is certainly a lot of money. Based on the formula that worked though, the show might think about adding a bit more to the second season in terms of competition, challenges, and money earned from winning the whole competition.

Is It Cake Season 2 has just been announced, so it is likely not going to be airing any time in 2022. Based on finding more applicants and judges to come in for the new season, we may not be seeing the second season of this baking competition until the middle of 2023. This is just speculation, as the show’s simplicity could see it air sometime sooner than expected.