Doctor Who Actor Accused Of Being A Sexual Predator By 20 Women

A former Doctor Who actor is facing some disturbing abuse allegations from at least 20 women. These reports span multiple years.

By Doug Norrie | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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Doctor Who fans were dealt with some unwelcome news this week when one of the show’s former actors had a number of disturbing sexual abuse allegations leveled against him. Multiple sources are reporting that Noel Clarke is facing a bevy of allegations, from more than 20 women detailing acts of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse against the actor. The allegations were first printed in The Guardian and paint a potentially ugly picture of Clarke and his prior relationships. He’s denied the allegations as of this writing, but this could turn into a potentially massive story. 

According to the report, the Doctor Who actor has known for a few weeks that there were allegations against him from numerous women though they took a while to be released to the public. Originally, the complaints had come through the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). They run the BAFTA Awards for which Clarke had been a nominee. When BAFTA did not act on the claims, The Guardian reports, the women felt compelled to move their allegations to a more public forum. This was where this most recent report comes from. 

The Guardian is reporting that Noel Clarke abused these women over a number of years and they claim he used his position and standing within entertainment circles and the industry as a whole to take advantage of them. The allegations date all the way back to 2004 which would overlap with his time on Doctor Who. Though it’s unclear if they stem from his time on the actual show or whether any of the women were involved there. 

Noel Clarke has categorically denied nearly all of the allegations against him though he did confirm one incident in which he admits to verbally abusing a woman. The rest he says are completely untrue. That being said, some of them are incredibly specific, detailed and a number of women have come out with stories of his behavior. One is former colleague Gina Powell who detailed a number of sexually charged comments Clarke apparently levied her way as well as stories of the actor secretly filming others in the nude during auditions. This did not happen during his Doctor Who time but rather during the film Brotherhood, part of the trilogy of films the actor wrote, directed, and starred in. 

Other allegations against Noel Clarke include making sexually explicit comments to female actresses while also showing others sexually explicit videos and pictures of others that he had filmed. And that’s just a few of them. The Guardian piece is incredibly long with a number of other allegations levied against the Doctor Who actor from multiple women. 

Noel Clarke first began rising to prominence when he was featured as Mickey Smith on Doctor Who back in 2005. This was the ninth version of the series with Christopher Eccleston on as the titular doctor. Clarke would last until 2010 on the series, becoming integral to the story. Clarke himself used the show as a catapult to forward his career in both writing and directing as well. He’s become one of the more popular faces in British productions over the years. This is a developing story and more details are likely to emerge over the next couple of weeks with fallout already ensuing. Apparently, Clarke’s current show, Bulletproof, has been paused in production while the story develops.