First Dexter Season 9 Teaser Trailer Has Michael C. Hall Getting Back To Nature

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

Dexter Season 9 trailer

When Dexter went off the air eight years ago, I don’t know if we really ever expected the character to make a return. Sure, they left the possibility open, but based on the reception of the finale and the idea that the show had run its course, it didn’t seem likely to come back. Wrong. The do-gooder serial killer is about to make a triumphant return to the screen and we now have our first look at the Dexter Season 9 trailer. Does it give us a lot? No, but there’s intrigue building nonetheless. 

The Dexter Season 9 trailer is short and sweet, giving in just a simple shot and voiceover. But that is enough to point to a totally new direction for the show and a diversion from its original setting and overall roots as a program. Take a look at what this has to offer and how just one 10 seconds can begin laying the groundwork for a totally new look and feel for this guy and his surroundings. 

This Dexter Season 9 trailer, as it were, wouldn’t look like much to the naked eye. It’s a freaking ax in a log with a fire burning in the background. Who cares, right? Well, fans of the show will know a couple of things just from this little scene. For eight seasons Dexter used the Miami and Florida backdrop to set the scene for the program. They leaned heavily into the atmosphere the sunny beaches and palm trees had, an idyllic setting that stood in stark contrast to the seedy serial killer underbelly. This next season will head away from that to a colder and more natural climate. It will be a totally new look for the character and presumably an entirely new cast of characters as well. 

And it’s not just the background at play here. The Dexter Season 9 trailer also has the voiceover of the titular character played by Michael C. Hall. He says, in a rather ominous fashion, “It’s time to get back to nature, my nature.” Again, a simple line that to the untrained ear wouldn’t sound like all that much. But we know that Dexter, at his core, is a killer, and getting back to his true self means there are bodies about to start piling up. Even in a new place, this time a much more rural setting, the guy can’t escape his true self. 

Dexter Season 9 trailer

At the end of Dexter Season 8, which was supposed to be the show’s finale, we know that Dexter faked his own death during a hurricane to be able to lam it. His life had fallen apart and Florida wasn’t going to be an option for him anymore. In the finale we also learned that he had survived the hurricane and moved to the Pacific Northwest, looking very mountain man. This Dexter Season 9 trailer picks up on that vibe, though the story will move to Upstate New York for the limited, 10-episode run. 

What the Dexter Season 9 trailer doesn’t let on are some of the characters we will meet when the show kicks back up. Dexter is living in a small New York town and he’ll come at odds with the local sheriff though also bond with her son. It’s set to have a totally different look and feel of previous seasons and possibly right some of the wrongs of previous seasons. It will also have a totally new look and feel.