Dexter’s New Cast And Revival Plot Details Revealed

Dexter Season 9 is making its way to Showtime and we finally have most of the final casting decisions as well as the plot details.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Dexter may have seemed like he was out of the serial killer hunting game (while also being a serial killer) at the end of the show’s run a few years ago. It appeared the popular Showtime favorite had finally run its course with a series finale that actually left quite a few fans more than a little disappointed. But fret not folks, the character is coming back sooner than later and we finally have a full casting list and new plot details for the new Dexter season. 

The new Dexter cast and plot details are a little bit of a shift away from how the original series ended and what rumors abounded about how this 10-episode run would unfold. For starters, whereas we last saw Michael C. Hall’s titular character living a new life in the Pacific Northwest, this next season will take place in Upstate New York. It will go down in a small blue-collar town, possibly with some Native American overtones based on the plot description. 

We already knew Clancy Brown was joining the cast in a “major” role. It isn’t clear exactly where his character lands, but if I’m being honest the dude could definitely pull off the “serial killer” look Dexter is often hunting for. Joining Brown and Hall are some other relatively familiar faces. 

Julia Jones who had a turn in The Mandalorian “Chapter 4: The Sanctuary” as one of the few folks who could humanize Mando will play the town’s sheriff. According to the description, she’s the first Native American to hold the role in the town. It stands to reason she’ll have an interesting relationship with Dexter especially if the latter finds himself on the wrong side of the law. 

Joining Jones in the Dexter cast will be Alano Miller, Johnny Sequoyah, and Jack Alcott. Considering the small-town theme all of them fit different roles within that insular universe. Sequoyah is the police chief’s daughter, Miller plays another police officer on the force and Alcott is a kid in town that bonds with Dexter at some point. 

Dexter’s final season was considered mostly a disappointment with fans of the show. It ended with the main character faking his own death in a hurricane and eventually moving to the Pacific Northwest in hiding. It was met with a certain amount of derision about how the final details unfolded and how the show had a number of different missed opportunities around the character. It’s clear the main players weren’t happy with how it played out either and we’re back for another chapter. 

How Dexter finds himself in Upstate New York remains to be seen. There could be some story juggling there. But it’s good to see the show’s creatives will have a chance to rewrite some of the plot sins of the past in this coda to the series. Originally, slated to hit Showtime this October, it’s been pushed to fall of 2021 for a release. With this great new cast and details finally emerging we might be getting a proper ending for the show after all.