Daniel Radcliffe’s Best Show Canceled?

Daniel Radcliffe's Miracle Workers show might be canceled, as the premiere has yet to happen for the new season.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

daniel radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe

Following the insane success of the Harry Potter franchise, Daniel Radcliffe has been selecting a variety of quirky and challenging roles that are very different from anything you might see in the wizarding world. This includes Miracle Workers, an ensemble comedy where each season is more insane than the next. A fourth season of the show subtitled End Times was meant to premiere on January 16 on TBS, but TVLine reports that the show was suddenly dropped from the schedule, causing some fans to worry if it has been canceled altogether.

It’s entirely possible that the only reason this quirky Daniel Radcliffe show dropped from the schedule is that TBS, along with TNT and truTV, is tweaking the January 2023 schedule across the board, and this has affected Miracle Workers along with many other shows. While it’s annoying as a viewer to see such last-minute network changes, it’s a good sign that this schedule adjustment is also affecting these other programs. That means it’s not just Miracle Workers getting yanked, for example, while the network considers putting something more profitable in its place.

Another reason to be hopeful is that the show has not officially gotten any kind of cancellation yet. Considering that it was originally supposed to premiere just two days ago, it seems like if there was going to be a formal cancellation, the announcement would have come much earlier. Dragging things out like this and then giving the show the axe doesn’t really do much except anger viewers, and that’s the last thing cable television networks can afford to do in an age of streaming, so we’re confident that we’ll be seeing Daniel Radcliffe back on the airwaves very soon.

daniel radcliffe

But what will Daniel Radcliffe and his fellow actors be up to in Season 4 of Miracle Workers? Due to the nature of this anthology show, it’s impossible to know exactly what will happen next: for example, the first season focused on Heaven (no, really), the second season on The Dark Ages, and the third season on navigating the Oregon Trail (the real one and not that frustrating video game). Right now, between the subtitle End Times and descriptions and imagery showing Daniel Radcliffe as a kind of warrior who must settle in the suburbs, it looks like this offbeat comedy series is going for a kind of Max Max: the sitcom vibe.

While each season of Miracle Workers focuses on a different era, one of the things that fans enjoy best is that the actors remain the same and simply play different parts in each season. For example, Steve Buscemi played God in the first season, and in Season 3 he played Benny the Teen. And Daniel Radcliffe played Craig Bog and in Season 2 he played someone with the excellent name Prince Chauncley the Pretty Cool.

Beyond general theme and setting, we don’t quite yet know what End Times will be about, but Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the cast have done such a stellar job before that we are confident this will be another killer season. Of course, we won’t know until the show is back on the schedule, so fingers are crossed that will happen soon. If crossing your own fingers isn’t enough, you might consider tossing off a prayer to Steve Buscemi that we get some good news soon.