How Daniel Radcliffe Nearly Ruined His Career After Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe nearly became an alcoholic and ruined his career after the Harry Potter franchise ended.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Daniel Radcliffe became a massive superstar after he led the Harry Potter franchise for a whopping eight movies. However, life was not so great for the young actor once he wrapped up being the Boy Who Lived. According to an interview with BBC, Radcliffe stated, “A lot of drinking happened toward the end of Potter and for a little bit after it finished…It was panic a little bit, not knowing what to do next.

Apparently, Daniel Radcliffe had a growing concern that his career was not going to be the same after Harry Potter ended, so he was not comfortable dealing with life while remaining sober. This alcoholism led to Radcliffe getting “blackout” drunk, often showing up to work while still feeling the effects of his alcohol consumption. He also shared that he would not drink while at work, but still had the proclivity to drink a ton the night before and show up on set while still drunk.

Though Daniel Radcliffe made his name in Harry Potter he has since starred in some great movies. More recently, he took on the role of Weird Al Yankovic, as he starred as the eccentric parody artist for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. Radcliffe also held a starring role next to Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, and Sandra Bullock in The Lost City, which was a successful romantic comedy adventure movie.

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Daniel Radcliffe has appeared in some off-the-wall movies as well, one being Guns Akimbo, which sees the actor portray a man that has guns literally bolted to his hands. However, despite all the random roles that he has garnered these past few years, everyone appreciates his skill in acting. We would be lying if we didn’t think of him as being someone completely removed from the Harry Potter franchise.

Most of the cast of Harry Potter did reunite for the Return to Hogwarts 20th Anniversary Special that aired on HBO. It was a wonderful trip back to memory lane and revealed some deeper behind-the-scenes information that the world might not have known up to that point. Though we don’t expect to see Daniel Radcliffe appear in any other Harry Potter movies going forward, it was nice to see him return to the thing that made him a household name.

Currently, there are rumors that the Harry Potter franchise is going to be rebooted, which would bring in a brand-new cast. We are not sure if that means that any of the legacy actors would return, including Daniel Radcliffe, but it would be a safe bet to assume they wouldn’t. Rebooting that storied franchise might also not be the right course of action, but then again, people might line up to see any story based on the Harry Potter universe.

For now, we would imagine that Daniel Radcliffe is going to be just fine in his career, despite the fear of fading into obscurity after leaving the Harry Potter franchise. We would hope that one day he might return to that universe in some small way, but it will likely not be for a long time. We are also glad he was able to get ahold of his drinking habits and not see his successful career ruined by fear and alcohol.