The Ark Season 2 Just Got Confirmed And Sci-Fi Fans Are Thrilled

The Ark has been renewed for a second season on Syfy.

By Kevin C. Neece | Published

the ark

After a spacey start, The Ark has been renewed for a second season on Syfy. As we reported, the streaming series from Stargate SG-1 creators Dean Devlin and Jonathan Glassner was the NBCUniversal cable channel’s most-watched series premiere ever, but it sagged in its early reviews. The first season of the Stargate-linked adventure picked up steam, however, and became something fans wanted more of, which The Hollywood Reporter confirms.

Ratings for The Ark have stayed strong, and reviews have improved as the series has progressed, so it appears the science fiction epic has found its legs, as well as its fanbase. This is all good news for those who were worried about how it would perform following initial reactions and for Devlin and Glassner, who appear to not be involved in the future of the world-hopping, galaxy-saving franchise they helped launch, even as a new release of the original Stargate film is announced.

The Ark is set aboard a literal ark—a space-faring vessel carrying crew and supplies for the colonization of a planet. One hundred years into Earth’s future, such missions have become vital for the survival of the human race, though the occupants of the ship will have to survive the trip first. Over a year before its arrival at the destination planet, the aptly named Ark One spacecraft suffers a tragic and devastating disaster that sees its crew fighting for their survival with low supplies and no leadership.

the ark

The general plot of The Ark—humans reaching out into space to make a new life on distant worlds—might be somewhat familiar territory for science fiction, but the concept and approach have been a huge success on Syfy, proving that the series brings a fresh take on an intriguing idea. The high-stakes survival story promises riveting drama and twists and turns that have already shocked audiences.

As The Ark begins looking forward to its new season, speculation continues regarding the new Stargate series, with many wondering how the decades-old franchise will find a new life of its own after three series and four movies. Whether it is given, as we have suggested, the Disney treatment of a rebooted canon or not, its once-rumored future on Amazon Prime continues to be confirmed, and we’re looking forward to the forthcoming series and possibly a movie sequel. Meanwhile, its originators have their hands full with a thankfully very successful new universe and story.

With over one million views during its February premiere, The Ark‘s momentum seems to only be increasing, with The Hollywood Reporter relaying that the president of scripted programming at NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, Lisa Katz, is enthusiastic about the future of the project, saying it has been “a trip worth taking,” and that Syfy is “tremendously excited” about the upcoming season. With a series full of engaging stories, complex drama, life-or-death stakes, and stunning surprises, we have to agree with Katz.

Whatever happens in this upcoming season of The Ark, we expect it will be a thrilling ride. After all, Devlin and Glassner are no strangers to not only creating an innovative sci-fi series but seeing it through multiple iterations and spinoffs. We’ll be watching to see where they take this series next.