New Stargate Series Happening, Confirmed

Stargate producer and writer Joseph Mallozzi has confirmed via Reddit that a new Stargate series is in the works at Amazon.

By Kevin C. Neece | Updated


Veteran producer and writer Joseph Mallozzi has confirmed that a new Stargate series is in the works for Amazon Prime Video. A user on the Stargate Reddit recently asked the former producer and writer of Stargate: SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe (SGU) if the new series was indeed being developed, or if it was merely rumor and speculation. Mallozzi replied that Amazon is “definitely planning” a Stargate series, just as a new release of the original Roland Emmerich film has been announced.

The announcement has left Stargate‘s followers with a familiar blend of excitement, caution, and dread. Fans of the interplanetary puddle-jumping franchise know what it is to be let down, as years of rumors have repeatedly breathed new life into their hopes for a new series or film, only for them to be deflated at every turn as each has failed to emerge. We’ve been reporting for some time on movement at Amazon regarding a new Stargate sequel film and/or series, but this is the first public statement we’ve seen from someone who ought to know.

Still, Gaters are already expressing disappointment at this latest Stargate announcement, as Mallozzi also confirmed that neither he nor any of the show’s original creators are a part of the project. That alone could mean doom for the series, both if it fails to draw viewers who are loyal to the original team, and if it fails to deliver the goods because it loses the vision of the franchise by abandoning its founders.


New life in an ongoing property like this is often a good thing, but we have seen many other times when the absence of those who created or nurtured a particular world or set of characters has caused a production to lose its way (we’re looking at you, Doctor Who Season 13).

Stargate alumni, though, are definitely getting some attention these days, with a new space epic premiering on SyFy, the network that carried the bulk of the original Stargate series. The Ark comes to us from SG-1 showrunner Jonathan Glassner and writer and producer Dean Devlin, and it’s had a massive debut on the network.

Sadly, it has not had commensurate reviews and the sagging scores could mean the show will ultimately fare poorly. If that happens, perhaps Devlin and Glassner would be free to join the new Stargate production at Amazon, or perhaps its failure would cause execs—if they ever would have considered including anyone from the old guard—to fear that the creators might be past their prime.

It can be easy to forget that Stargate already includes an impressive amount of onscreen media, including the original film, 214 episodes of SG-1, three SG-1 movies, 100 episodes of Atlantis, and 40 episodes of Universe. It has an active fanbase—even getting a subtle nod on a recent Quantum Leap episode—and a world of stories waiting to be told, if only someone can get a production together to tell them.

We’re hopeful, then, that the continued buzz about Stargate at Amazon Prime Video remains indicative of forward motion for the beloved franchise. Whether we would see stars from the earlier series or not in a new show is hard to say, though Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson reunited for a table read of an AI-authored Stargate script a few months back, despite both having essentially left acting behind. Of course, new worlds and new characters are probably in store, and we’re looking forward to encoding some chevrons and crossing some event horizons as soon as possible!