The Community Movie Is Ready To Go According To Star

By TeeJay Small | Published

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The Community movie has been in active development since it was first announced in the Fall of 2022, with several major roadblocks along the way. Difficulty with getting the ensemble cast back together in full and the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes indefinitely halting production caused some fans to believe the movie would be scrapped entirely, though series star Donald Glover recently confirmed that the script has been completed and shooting is set to begin soon. This is huge news for the production, as it coincides with the announcement that Yvette Nicole Brown has also joined the film’s cast, reprising her role as Shirley, the Christian mom with a penchant for slanging baked goods to ease the group’s tensions.

Donald Glover Confirms Movie Is Happening

community movie

Forces behind the scenes have been trying to get a Community movie off the ground for years to reunite the ensemble on screen for the first time since the series’ conclusion and fulfill the age-old adage offered by the show’s third season, “six seasons and a movie.” Community concluded its sixth season in June 2015 after being unceremoniously booted from NBC and picked up by the now-defunct streaming service Yahoo Screen. With the movie’s script officially completed, including appropriate rewrites to account for the returning cast members who were initially unavailable, it looks like the prophecy is finally on track to be fulfilled.

Community’s Production Schedule Has Yet To Be Finalized

Donald Glover confirmed the project’s status during a recent interview with ET’s Rachel Smith during the premiere of his upcoming Amazon Prime Video series Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Though the spy-thriller reboot is currently the talk of the town, many inquiring minds were desperately asking Glover to provide an update on the Community movie. According to Glover, he has not yet read the script, but he has been informed that the script is completed, and a production schedule is currently being worked out according to the cast and crew’s availability.

Donald Glover’s Return Is A Huge Deal

Glover was widely considered the hardest star to lock down for the Community reunion due to his massive star power only growing since his departure from the series in January 2014. In the years since, Donald Glover has successfully explored avenues in stand-up comedy and a genre-bending music career, starred in Disney blockbusters such as The Lion King and Solo: A Star Wars Story, and launched multiple successful television series, including Atlanta and Swarm. With Glover all in on the Community movie, fans can expect to see nearly every member of the famed Greendale Seven returning to the screen for the major motion picture.

Worth The Wait

The Community movie is set to stream on Peacock when it finally releases, though no timeline has been provided for the finished product. Series creator Dan Harmon has returned to write and produce the film, with leads including Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Jim Rash, Ken Jeong, Donald Glover, and Yvette Nicole Brown. This means that six of the original seven members of the study group are confirmed to star, with only Chevy Chase refusing to return, as his character was killed off in the show’s fifth season.

Source: ET