Claudia Black: From Farscape To Fame, What She’s Doing Now

By Rick Gonzales

Claudia Black

Australian actress Claudia Black has made a name for herself on both sides of the world. She has successfully navigated the waters between her home in Australia, where she has performed in many Australian and New Zealand movies, and the United States, where she has done plenty of work both on the screen and voice acting. So, where is Claudia Black now?


Claudia Black began her career in 1992 when she appeared in the long-running Australian soap opera Home and Away. It was a brief appearance as she was in only two episodes, but the appearance led to more work in Australia. She portrayed Greed in the Australian mini-series Seven Deadly Sins and moved on to more Australian work such as Police Rescue, A Country Practice, and Water Rats. Black then found work on the TV movie Amazon High, where she met producer Rob Tapert. That led to her nabbing a couple episodes on Tapert’s series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. While she was working with Tapert on Amazon High and Hercules, Claudia Black was also in the middle of another TV series, leading the cast on City Life, another Australian production.

Pitch Black

One of the first times American audiences were treated to seeing Black on the big screen was in the Vin Diesel-led movie Pitch Black. In it, she played Shazza, who is part of a crew that crashes on a distant planet home to bloodthirsty creatures.



In 1999, Claudia Black landed one of her most popular roles when she, along with actor Ben Browder, starred in the Australian-American TV series Farscape. The series followed an astronaut (Browder) who, during an experimental space mission, is accidentally thrown across the universe, ending up in the middle of an intergalactic war. He finds himself part of a fugitive alien spacecraft and their crew.

Claudia Black
Claudia Black as Farscape’s Aeryn Sun

Claudia Black played Officer Aeryn Sun on Farscape. Aeryn who loses her rank and becomes marked for death when she throws her lot in with Browder’s astronaut and a shpi full of escaped prisoners and fugitives.

Claudia Black
Claudia Black on Stargate SG-1

Equally well know was Claudia Black’s role on the hit series Stargate SG-1. She didn’t appear on the show until very late in the game but her character, Vala Mal Doran, appeared in the series final three seasons and then reprised her role in the movies Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum, both of which wrapped up the Stargate franchise.


Claudia Black

During her time on Farscape, Claudia Black began another career. This one as a voice actress. Her first turn came on the TV series Steel Angel Kurumi and from that point on, her roles are a virtual who’s who in video games and TV series. Bear with us here, it’s an impressive list.

Her video game voice work includes God of War, Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, Project Sylpheed, Conan, Crysis, Dragon Age: Origins, and Final Fantasy XIV. But that’s not all. Black is probably best known for her work on the Uncharted series, as she was the voice of Chloe Frazer in all four of Nathan Drake’s adventures, as well as her own in Uncharted: Lost Legacy. She also has appeared in Mass Effect 2 and 3, Diablo III and Diablo II: Reaper of Souls, The Amazing Spiderman, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Gears of War 3 and 4, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. As we said, the list is impressive.

Claudia Black didn’t just lend her voice to video games; she has also done voice work on animated TV and movies. She did voices in Rango, Justice League: Doom, Final Space, and the long-running and uber-popular Rick and Morty.



Now 47-years-old, Claudia Black continues to succeed in Hollywood. Her voice work with Rick and Morty is on-going and she has also recently returned to work in front of the screen. Black recently appeared on the TV series Roswell, New Mexico and will be seen in the upcoming movies Time Now and Deus.

Like everyone she spends a lot of her time these days involved in Democratic politics as evidenced by this photo…

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I was better at phone banking than I was at taking selfies. It was a profound experience talking to people in California, hearing their stories. Advocating for the politician I believe is most prepared for this fight. Everyone I spoke to is taking their vote so seriously; womever they are voting for. I listened to a Trump supporter for 40 minutes. He wasn’t even the intended recipient of the call. He talked at me for almost the entire duration. At one point he thought I’d hung up on him. “Are you there?! Please don’t hang up on me. Oooh… no…Have you hung up on me?!” He sounded genuinely dismayed. “No,” I replied. “I’m right here. And I’m fascinated, I am hanging on your every word.” Some volunteer callers in front of me turned around to look at me. It was true. I was straining to hear as the line wasn’t great and there was so much information flooding out of him so quickly. And I wanted to hear him. To truly listen. He told me the #metoo movement had ruined everything. That women with all their curves were gorgeous. And that if they put on lipstick and false eyelashes and get boob jobs and wear provocative clothing that they were basically asking for it. And that he wouldn’t respect a female president. That women’s studies was a waste of time. That communism meant you couldn’t buy the glove size you need. That women should stay at home and do the noble job of raising kids. That someone wants to paint the Kremlin pink. That something was important to him about women meeting foreign dictators with the right skirt length and needing a seamstress; I’m not certain as, again, the line wasn’t very clear. That he has grown daughters -one of whom was the intended recipient of the call- one who must have voted blue in the past ten years. He shared that he was in the army in his youth. I thanked him for his service. That surprised him. He stopped talking for a beat. He took a breath. I asked him about his daughters. How he thought it was for them living in this current culture. “It’s hard,” he conceded. “ It’s bad that one lady got raped but there are women who go to Drs five years later because they are rich and take their money…and there are men contd 1/

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She’s also involved with charity work, particularly the Life After Project, for which she recently did this photoshoot…

As long as there is voice work and an occasional TV series or two, it doesn’t look like we will see (or hear) the end of Claudia Black for the foreseeable future.