Rick And Morty Season 5: First Trailer And Premiere Date

By Rick Gonzales | 3 weeks ago

Rick and Morty season 5

Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim has run on the network for almost 19 years. It’s the “adult” version of cartoons, offering edgy and sometimes controversial material not intended for kids. The network has seen many cartoons come and go, some with fanfare and some without. They have had some definite clunkers, but they have also provided Adult Swim with some juicy and fun material. Rick and Morty is one that audiences have swarmed to, its fan base growing season after season. Needless to say, when it was announced that Rick and Morty season 5 is happening, the fanbase responded with a muted thumbs up (more on that later).

Below is the first trailer for Rick and Morty season 5…

… And here’s everything we know about Rick and Morty season 5 so far.


Rick and Morty are the brain children of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland.

Rick Sanchez is the co-lead character and mad scientist of the series. He is a genius and creates many scientific inventions but he is jaded and an alcoholic (the show is, of course, on Adult Swim). Morty, on the other hand, is the 14-year old grandson of Rick. He is a high school kid and most times is forced to go along with Rick on his many adventures.

Rick conducts his many experiments and works on potentially dangerous sci-fi gadgets in the garage of his daughter, which he now uses as he personal laboratory. Together, Rick and Morty travel across the galaxy and different dimensions either through portals or via Rick’s flying car.


Unfortunately, not much is known about Rick and Morty season 5’s planned story. At this moment, season 4 is half in the books, with its first five episodes rolling out before Christmas and the final five (of season 4) expected within the next few months. So without Rick and Morty season 4 still to be completed, there isn’t much to go on as they move to season 5.

Harmon did post a fun Instagram picture showing potential ideas from writer Rob Schrab…

Here are a couple of his fun ideas: Morty buys a boat, Bark-nado, Artificial person with real leg, Anal beads, and When-wolf. Could be a wild Rick and Morty season 5!


The cast for the first 4 seasons returns for Rick and Morty season 5. Co-creator Roiland is back to provide voices for both Rick and Morty. Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Live, The Goldbergs) voices Morty’s father, Jerry. Sarah Chalke (Scrubs, The Conners) is Morty’s mom and Rick’s sister, Beth. Spencer Grammer returns as Morty’s sister Summer, who also joins Rick and Morty on many of their adventures.


Taking a look at the season 4 guest star list, it’s a safe bet season 5 will bring along just as many high profile names with it. Season 4 included these names: Sam Neill (Jurassic Park), Kathleen Turner (Undercover Blues), Taika Waititi (Jojo Rabbit), Elon Musk, Jeffrey Wright (upcoming The Batman), Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Keegan-Michael Key (Key and Peele) and Paul Giamatti (Planet of the Apes).


Here’s a strange one. Kanye West has publicly declared his love for Rick and Morty. In fact, Kim Kardashian commissioned Roiland to record a special birthday song for West in the voices of Rick and Morty. Check it out…

Rick and Morty’s co-creators have returned the favor with their adoration for West. According to Cheatsheet, Roiland had this to say about West. “We f*cking love West,” said Roiland, adding: “If that guy had the support to do all the ideas he has in his head, it would be f**king Elon Musk 2.0.” So with that in mind, Harmon and Roiland agreed that West should “come hang out and do a voice.” Harmon then went even further by saying, “I’m giving him an episode, I’m making it official. We have 70, he can have one. Kanye, you can have an episode!”

Will he? The love from both sides seems true, so look for it to happen for season 5.


We now know when Rick and Morty season 5 will arrive. The official season 5 premiere date is Sunday, June 20 at 11pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.


As mentioned, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon created Rick and Morty. They both are back in action for Season 5. Harmon is also the creator of the hit television show Community and co-founder of Channel 101, a non-profit short film festival, where he met Roiland.

Doc and Mharti
Image from The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti

Roiland, an animator and voice actor, grabbed Harmon’s attention with a short, animated parody of Back to the Future. Roiland admitted to wanting to “troll” the big studios with the results being The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti. In it, various problems that arise for Doc Smith and Mharti in a very precarious fashion. Doc Smith convinces Mharti the only solution to their troubles is handled, ahem, below the belt. The very graphic (emphasis on VERY GRAPHIC) animated episode can be seen here.

Harmon and Roiland hit it off and from there, Rick and Morty was born.


Rick and Morty future

What is this “70” number Harmon mentioned when he was discussing Kanye West? Well, the future seems to be very bright for Rick and Morty. Fans were not thrilled with the 2 year delay between seasons 3 and 4 and the co-creators, along with Adult Swim, seem to be trying their hardest to make it up to the rabid fan base. Adult Swim has ordered 70 more episodes (60 if not counting the 10-episode season 4). At the 10-episode per season rate the show has been living by, there is a possibility fans will see 6 more years of the show.

Now, let’s just hope the wait time between season 4 and 5 won’t be two years. Roiland and Harmon spoke to EW and told fans, “The plan has always been to get them out quicker. I think it’s safe to say without fear of being wrong that the gap between seasons three and four will be the longest and last time that it’s ever so long that it’s ridiculous. I don’t know how fast we can do it, but I know it will never be this long again.”


Rick and Morty

While everyone sat at home waiting for Rick and Morty to return, the show released a Samurai short film online. It’s violent, it’s bloody, and it’s probably not something you want to watch with your kids around. Enjoy it below…


Rick and Morty season 5

Spencer Grammer, who voices Summer Smith on Rick & Morty, has been hospitalized after being attacked by what can only be described as a knife wielding maniac.

The story, according to TMZ, is that Grammer and a companion were having dinner at a New York restaurant called The Black Ant in the East Village. It was late at the restaurant was beginning to close when a drunk man came in and demanded he be served. When the restaurant refused, he pulled out a knife and started stabbing people wildly.

Apparently Grammer leaped up and tried to help the group of people attempting to stop the man’s attack. She was injured in the process receiving “gashes” on her arms. Her friend was wounded in the back.

Though both Grammer and her friend were taken to the hospital for treatment, it is not believed either of their injuries are life-threatening. Hopefully she’ll feel better and be back to work on Rick and Morty season 5 soon.

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