See Alexandra Daddario Put On Makeup In A Plunging Black Top

Alexandra Daddario only had a short layover in London, but she looked fantastic during the quick trip.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

alexandra daddario

Alexandra Daddario is channeling her character from AMC’s hit series, Mayfair Witches, in a set of photos that see the actress taking on a witchy vibe across the pond in London. Sharing the images to her Instagram, which you can see below, the actress caked on a glam look while wearing a plunging black dress that almost revealed it all. In her caption, Daddario pointed to her short layover in the gorgeous city, writing, “34 hours in London.”

By the looks of it, while she was just there for a short time, Alexandra Daddario had a good time while overseas, making it a memorable experience for both herself and her social media followers. The batch of images not only shows off her jaw-dropping black dress but also gives a look at the actress pulling off a very tightly pulled-back ponytail updo, complete with a glance at her glittering diamond earrings. The final clip is a short video that sees The White Lotus actress making her latest look pop with a very vibrant shade of red lipstick.

Not just showing off what she was wearing during her time in London, Alexandra Daddario also gave her fans a look at the world surrounding her while getting ready for her big night out. One image captures a duck-shaped umbrella, pointing toward rainy weather in a country known for its gloomy days. Another shows off an oversized designer purse complete with the name “Alexandra” stitched across it, while the final picture displays a box of chocolates celebrating the coronation of King Charles III. 

While it’s unclear why Alexandra Daddario was visiting London for such a short time and received coronation-themed chocolates almost two weeks before the official royal event, it would seem that she’s back safe and sound in the United States. And, that’s good news, too, as the actress has a packed filming schedule looming in front of her. 

This year, AMC took a chance on reinventing the legendary stories of Anne Rice and adapting them for small screen form. Starting with the author’s classic book-turned-movie and now series, Interview with the Vampire, the network quickly realized they had struck gold with what they’re now calling the Immortal Universe. Shortly after the arrival of Interview with the Vampire, they put out their second project in the series, the Alexandra Daddario-led Mayfair Witches.

While the television adaptation took some liberties with the original story, introducing a few new characters here and there to better pull things together, fans couldn’t get enough of the tale of a young neurosurgeon who finds that she’s the next in line in a powerful family of witches. Along with Alexandra Daddario, the series also stars names like Harry Hamlin and Jack Huston and has received the green light on a second season – which is expected to begin production soon.

Alexandra Daddario is expected to return for the next installment in the story, and what’s even better for AMC is that because the first two shows were such hits, they’ll be moving forward with a third. While no release date has yet been set, keep your eyes peeled for the network’s telling of the fictional secret organization, The Talamasca.