Christopher Nolan Is Becoming A Knight

By Nikola Pajtic | Published

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No, Christopher Nolan isn’t trading his director’s chair for a cape and cowl to become a real-life Batman, but his extraordinary contributions to film are being recognized in a way that is almost as prestigious. The acclaimed director, along with his wife and producing partner Emma Thomas, will soon be receiving a knighthood and damehood, respectively, for their “services to film” according to a surprise announcement from the U.K. government. 


christopher nolan

A knighthood is a prestigious honor bestowed by the British monarch for outstanding service to the United Kingdom. Dating back to the medieval times when knights were warriors serving the crown, in today’s day and age, knighthood is a mark of immense respect and recognition. 

The different levels of knighthood and varying titles paint pictures of how important the honor is, Christopher Nolan is likely to receive a “Knight Bachelor,” while his wife Emma Thomas will become a Dame, which is a female equivalent to his own title. 

Traditionally, the monarch proclaims the recipient a knight or dame with a sword during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. However, with King Charles away from his royal duties due to his ill health status, the ceremony has yet to receive its details but also date. 

Other Knighted Celebrities

By becoming a knight, Christopher Nolan will join a distinguished group of filmmakers who have received the same honor for their contributions to cinema. Some of notable names include Sir Alfred Hitchcock, Sir Ridley Scott, and Kenneth Branagh, among others. 


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Such honors were a long time coming thanks to his already illustrious career, but what pushed him forward was the tremendous success of his latest film Oppenheimer which dominated the ceremony, securing seven Oscars out of its thirteen nominations, including the Best Picture and Best Director awards.

During his speech at the Academy Awards, Christopher Nolan addressed the young age of cinema by saying “Imagine being there 100 years into painting or theater,” and continued with words, “We don’t know where this incredible journey is going from here. But to know that you think that I’m a meaningful part of it means the world to me.”

The Film

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Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer follows the life of American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, popularly known as the father of the atomic bomb, and his role in the Manhattan Project. However, it wasn’t just Nolan’s storytelling that set the film apart, but his take on modern technology, e.g. CGI. According to reports, Nolan and his team went for practical use of effects to create a realistic portrayal of the bomb’s power during its explosion, in contrast to CGI-heavy films. 

Noland And Emma Thomas

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Earlier this year, Christopher Nolan received the British Film Institute Fellowship for his innovative filmmaking. During his acceptance speech, he talked highly of his wife, Emma Thomas as a constant source of support, crediting her for sharing his vision. 

Christopher Nolan and his wife are college sweethearts having met at the University College London and since then have welcomed four children and launched a production company Syncopy, through which they produced several successful films. 

Source: AP News