Christina Aguilera Is Getting Her Own Documentary

Christina Aguilera is getting the documentary treatment from director Ting Poo.

By Ross Tyson | Published

Documentaries about musicians and artists seem to be the latest trend, with pop star Christina Aguilera set to release a new tell-all about her life directed by Val helmer Ting Poo. Per MovieWeb, the film is already deep into production at eighteen months but no release date has been confirmed.

It certainly isn’t easy to share the “Princess of Pop” title with her All New Mickey Mouse Club costar Britney Spears, but Christina Aguilera has more than earned her right to it. The star, who debuted in 1993 on the Disney variety show along with other breakouts like IRL Ken-doll Ryan Gosling and N*Sync’s second-best member Justin Timberlake (Lance Bass is first, no exceptions). Christina went on to find fame and win Grammys by the age of nineteen.

Aguilera has kept herself relevant since, being cited as the “Voice of a Generation” by multiple outlets and putting out Billboard charting songs every decade since her debut. One of her earlier hits, “Reflection” from the Disney classic Mulan, caught the ear of an RCA records executive. The label offered her a record deal almost immediately and the reign of Christina Aguilera began.

Nowhere to go but up, Christina Aguilera started out with a forced image of teen pop to compete with (once again) Britney Spears. Backed into the music industry corner of producing a Christmas album, Aguilera finally decided she had enough of not controlling her own artistic vision. After firing her manager and making it known that she was the captain of her career when she recorded “Lady Marmalade” along with P!nk, Lil’ Kim, and Mya.

The move turned out in everyone’s favor, launching Christina Aguilera further into the stars than Elon Musk could ever hope to go. She went on to star in films throughout the next two decades including collaborating with Cher on Burlesque and Patrick Stewart’s easiest paycheck ever, The Emoji Movie. All of this while still dropping chart-topping songs, Aguilera became an icon of feminism in pop by showing her unapologetic self.

With all of this and her continuing relevance as a pop star along with her philanthropic work for LGBT and animal rights groups, Christina Aguilera has plenty to cover in one documentary. While it’s a monumental challenge, director Ting Poo has already proven her ability with 2021’s Val, an unflinching look at actor Val Kilmer’s struggle with his love of acting and filmmaking after his life-changing bout with throat cancer. An emotional piece that’s as much art as it is one man’s journey, Poo will certainly bring the same energy to Christina’s story.

While she’s certainly taking a different approach than Britney Spears when it comes to telling her life story, it’s doubtful that Christina Aguilera will be going away any time after this. The femme fatale is still performing, often making appearances at Pride parades throughout the country, and has released five music videos so far in 2022. The documentary is being produced by Roc Nation and Time Studios, with no release date as of yet. In the meantime, she uses her voice to advocate for others and continues to make music.