Chris Hemsworth Reveals A Crazy Real-Life Connection Between The Avengers

Chris Hemsworth revealed that the Avengers cast still texts one another on a group chat.

By Jennifer Asencio | Published

On-screen, The Avengers were very close friends, even when they went to war over the role of heroes like them in the world. Chris Hemsworth recently shared with Jimmy Kimmel that this camaraderie also exists off-screen when he admitted that The Avengers cast still has a text message chain a decade after they first assembled. He talked about this while discussing his newest movie and a new reality series he stars in.

Jimmy Kimmel prompted Chris Hemsworth about his co-stars from The Avengers when he held up a copy of People magazine that shows Chris Evans as the publication’s “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2022. While commenting on the honor of the first Captain America, the Thor star mentioned that the text chain exploded with comments upon seeing the cover. The comments reflected the kind of humor we would expect to see from a brotherhood of world-saving superheroes.

the avengers chris hemsworth

The joking began with the pose Chris Evans is making in the photo, which shows him with his hands behind his back. The actor is wearing a white tee shirt that shows off a muscular chest as he leans against a wall, flexing his might. His face is lightly bearded and wears an expression of the kind of intensity befitting the Sexist Man Alive, prompting Chris Hemsworth to admit, “We have an Avenger’s text chain…that quickly was like..‘What are you doing with your hands back there?’”

From there, this well-known group of jokers began to speculate on the answer to that question, although not everything could be shared. While Chris Hemsworth and fellow Avengers co-star Robert Downey Jr. suggested that Evans pose suggested handcuffs and mugshots, Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner’s comments were too “colorful” to replicate. “Jeremy Renner said a series of things which we won’t repeat,” Chris Hemsworth said with a grin, as he went on to explain that Renner is the pot-stirrer and chief humorist of the Avengers group.

Other cast members have talked about their relationship since the Marvel Cinematic Universe merged its many story arcs to assemble the titular team. Anthony Mackie recently talked about his own relationship with his Captain America predecessor while being interviewed about taking over the role in Captain America: New World Order. It appears that the connection between Chris Hemsworth and the rest of The Avengers stars extends far beyond fighting aliens and extra-dimensional threats.

Chris Hemsworth may be best known as Thor from The Avengers, but he is an action star outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, too. He had just returned from filming Extraction 2 in Prague, Czechoslovakia, and talked a bit about his upcoming series, Limitless, which premieres November 16 on Disney+. The actor also dished about some of the stunts he did for Limitless, which saw him wading in freezing waters and climbing a rope 1,000 feet above the ground.

Chris Hemsworth’s continuing friendship with the rest of his castmates from The Avengers is everything that the superheroes stood for in the movies. It is inspiring to hear about how that bond is expressed off-screen and in candid moments like The Avengers text chain. With Steve Rodgers retired and Tony Stark killed at the conclusion of the Infinity Wars, we may never see the actors together in another Marvel movie, but the real-life camaraderie between the group is a role model we can all follow.