Chris Evans And Ana De Armas Just Broke A Huge Record With Their New Movie

Ghosted broke the two-day viewership record for Apple TV+ movie releases.

By Jessica Goudreault | Published

chris evans ana de armas

Chris Evans and Ana De Armas have starred in three movies together, and their latest on-screen reunion Ghosted just broke a record on Apple TV+. The Apple original film was released on the streaming platform on April 21, and within just two days it had over 328,000 views, according to When you put Captain America and a Golden Globe Award nominee actress together, it’s no wonder Ghosted got more views on Apple TV+ than the previously top-viewed films (Spirited, Tetris, and My Mind & Me).

The new movie is an action-adventure comedy that follows the unexpected dating life of Cole (Chris Evans) and Sadie (Ana de Armas). The two only go on one date before Chris Evans’ character thinks that he has been “ghosted” by his date who won’t text him back. After following her all the way from Washington to London, he discovers that she has a really good reason for not responding to his texts: she is a badass CIA secret agent who is busy trying to save the world.

The two end up fighting for their lives when Chris Evans gets (literally) pulled into Ana de Armas’ crimefighting world when he gets mistaken for the Taxman. Rather than going on a second date, the two spend their time running from villains, jumping out of planes, shooting henchmen, and getting in wild car chases. In addition to all of the action scenes, there is plenty of humor and light-hearted banter between the co-stars.

chris evans ana de armas

Despite Chris Evans’ history as action stars Captain America and the Human Torch, he plays an ordinary guy who’s not used to wielding a gun—unlike Ana de Armas’ character. Meanwhile, Ana de Armas, who usually plays more dramatic roles in films like Blonde and Deep Water, is very believable as an action star. Chris Evans has said that she clearly did her stunt training and that she was pulling off stunts like his Marvel co-star Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.

Ghosted was directed by Dexter Fletcher, who has only directed six projects to date. The screenplay was written in part by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the brilliant, hilarious minds behind Deadpool. The film stars Adrian Brody and Mike Moh alongside Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, and it includes a whole bunch of Marvel cameos from Ryan Reynolds, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, and John Cho.

The chemistry between Chris Evans and Ana de Armas is very natural, which is probably because they have already been in two movies together: Knives Out and The Gray Man. In the past, the two have typically played adversaries, so it’s refreshing to see how well they worked together on-screen in a romantic relationship.

And since we expect Chris Evans and Ana de Armas to continue their successful careers for many years ahead, we hope to see them in even more films together. Currently, Chris Evans is working on three projects, including the Scott Pilgrim animated series. Ana de Armas is working on one project entitled Ballerina, which will be a spinoff from the John Wick film franchise.