Exclusive: Bullet Train 2 Is Happening With Brad Pitt And Sandra Bullock Returning, Margot Robbie In Talks

Bullet Train 2 is in the works, with Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock both returning, possibly joined by Margot Robbie.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

bullet train 2

Bullet Train 2 is in the works at Sony Pictures, with both Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock returning as hapless courier Ladybug and his handler Maria Beetle. According to our trusted and proven sources, the action-packed 2022 David Leitch film will get the sequel treatment, which means that Pitt will probably be facing off a whole new group of colorful, deadly characters soon. While nothing is locked down yet, word is that Margot Robbie is currently in negotiations to join the cast.

The first Bullet Train movie starred Brad Pitt as a reluctant secret freelance operative tasked with retrieving a suitcase full of cash (also known as a “McGuffin”) from a high-speed train in Japan, only to find himself coming up against a whole barrage of assassins with various odd backstories and motivations. In addition to Pitt and Bullock (who was mostly featured via voiceover as Ladybug’s handler in his earpiece), the movie starred Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Hiroyuki Sanada, Benito A. Martínez Ocasio (also known as rapper Bad Bunny), and Michael Shannon in one of his trademark unhinged villain roles. 

michael shannon
Michael Shannon in Bullet Train

It seems likely that Bullet Train 2 will feature the same kind of high-octane action and dark humor as the first one, particularly since director David Leitch will be returning for the sequel. Leitch is best known for his (uncredited) work co-directing the first John Wick movie with Chad Stahelski, which he followed up by solely directing Deadpool 2, the Charlize Theron action vehicle Atomic Blonde, and the Fast and Furious spin-off Hobbes & Shaw. Clearly, the man knows his way around an action sequence.

Bullet Train 2 also seems to be trying to bring Margot Robbie aboard, which makes sense, considering the actress is currently one of the biggest stars in the world. In addition to basically being the only DCEU star to retain her role in James Gunn’s upcoming reboot of the DC Universe, Robbie is also starring in one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie.

Notably, Margot Robbie recently starred in the 2022 Hollywood satire Babylon along with Brad Pitt, so it is likely that the two formed a collaborative bond that they are attempting to transfer over to Bullet Train 2. On the other hand, Babylon was one of the bigger critical and commercial flops of the year, so maybe the duo might want to avoid the same kind of energy they brought to the Damien Chazelle movie.

Bullet Train was based on a novel (originally titled Maria Beetle) by Japanese author Kōtarō Isaka, which was actually the sequel to another novel titled 3 Assassins. The books had a follow-up manga series titled Waltz, so it seems that Bullet Train 2 has a whole bunch of source material that it can draw on for the further adventures of Brad Pitt’s bucket-hatted courier. We will just have to wait and see who comes along for the ride this next time.