See Brad Pitt As X-Men’s Cable For Deadpool 3

Brad Pitt appears in AI-generated art as the time-traveling mutant Nathan Summers, aka Cable.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

brad pitt cable

Brad Pitt as Cable, anyone? AI-generated art we’ve put together just for you casts the star of Bullet Train in the role of the time-traveling mutant Cable. We exclusively reported back in September that Pitt was in talks to appear in the upcoming Deadpool 3, and that could mean that he’s replacing Josh Brolin as the cybernetic warrior.

While we know Brad Pitt was in talks to appear in Deadpool 3, we don’t know that he’ll be playing Cable. And really, if Cable appears in the film, it would be such a shame for Brolin to not reprise the role. With Wade Wilson now in the Marvel Studios camp, making some fourth-wall-breaking references to Brolin’s time as both Cable and Thanos seems too good to pass up. Plus, it would be even more perfect if Pitt once again shows up in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo.

As those who saw Deadpool 2 will remember, Pitt had a cameo in Deadpool 2 as Vanisher, an invisible hero in X-Force who — like most of the team — dies horribly on the group’s very first mission. We only see Pitt in a single shot when he’s electrocuted after grabbing a power cable to stop his fall. Of course, Brad Pitt’s rarely-seen character could be returning for Deadpool 3 because of Cable.

In a series of mid-credits scenes for Deadpool 2, Wade uses Cable’s repaired time machine to right a number of wrongs, including possibly saving most of X-Force from their grisly deaths. The only one we see Deadpool save is Rob Delaney’s Peter, but he could’ve saved the others off-screen. However, considering Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld (per CinemaBlend) revealed that a cut moment from the time travel sequence originally had the Merc with a Mouth urinating on Shatterstar’s (Lewis Tan) grave, we’re thinking he probably wouldn’t have bothered stopping the alien’s trip to the helicopter blades.

Of course, if Brad Pitt were to play Cable in Deadpool 3, we could see it being made to work. Pitt has played his share of grizzled, grumpy warrior types after all. And the fourth wall breaking could still be used to great effect.

We could imagine Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson saying things like, “Are you sure you’re Cable — you look less like Thanos and more Tyler Derden.” Maybe when Pitt’s version of Cable annoys him, Wade could quip something like, “Shouldn’t you be looking for your wife‘s head in a box?”

brad pitt
Brad Pitt in Fight Club, from which we could imagine Wade Wilson pulling plenty of references

Whether or not Brad Pitt plays Cable, Vanisher, Howard the Duck, or any other established Marvel characters in Deadpool 3, before that film, Pitt will reunite with his Ocean’s Eleven co-star George Clooney for Wolves on Apple TV+. Not much is known about the film, but it’s being written and directed by Jon Watts (Spider-Man: No Way Home), and in it, Clooney and Pitt play professional fixers hired for the same job.