Boba Fett Is In The Mandalorian Season 2?

It sounds like Boba Fett is going to pop up in The Mandalorian! Here's the scoop.

By Ross Bonaime | Updated

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Ever since the Disney+ show The Mandalorian was announced as centering around a bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe, fans have wondered if this means we’ll eventually see the return of Boba Fett, the most famous Star Wars bounty hunter of them all. Now, it seems as though there might be strong evidence that Boba Fett will be appearing in the second season of The Mandalorian.

Back in May, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Temuera Morrison, who played Boba Fett’s father, Jango in 2002’s Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, would be appearing in the next season of The Mandalorian. While Morrison was not confirmed to play Boba Fett in the original news article, rumors speculated that this seemed the most likely scenario. Fett was also hinted at appearing in The Mandalorian with the episode “The Gunslinger,” only fueling the fire at Fett’s return.

Now it seems as though Morrison’s representation might’ve let the cat out of the bag. Morrison’s casting agency, the Robert Bruce Agency, includes a link to their represented actor’s CV. Morrison’s page supposedly stated that Morrison would be playing Boba Fett in the upcoming season, although it looks as though that information has since been taken down off the site.

Fans have speculated for years that Boba Fett might not actually be dead, mostly due to hints given through the “Expanded Universe” of books and comics that hinted Boba Fett might have somehow escaped his death in the Sarlacc pit. Yet despite that expanded universe of materials no longer being canon in the Star Wars universe, fans are still holding out hope that there’s a future for Boba Fett.

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Slash Film hinted in May that while we could see Boba Fett’s armor, it might not be the same character we know from Return of the Jedi inside the armor. After news broke that Justified’s Timothy Olyphant had been cast in the next season of The Mandalorian, Slash Film hinted that Olyphant could potentially play Cobb Vanth. Originated in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath, Cobb Vanth is a sheriff of sorts on Tatooine, who owns a familiar-looking set of armor that he gained from Jawas who had ransacked Jabba the Hutt’s property. This could explain the return of Fett’s armor, yet if this is the case, will Morrison be playing an armor-less Boba Fett?

Both Lucas and Disney have individually tried to bring Boba Fett back in various ways after the character became a fan favorite. In 2005, plans were revealed for Underworld, a television show that would’ve been a darker take on the Star Wars universe. Lucas explained that the show would’ve focused on different characters – including Fett – between the prequel trilogy and the original trilogy. Boba Fett was also rumored to be the center of the canceled LucasArts video game, Star Wars 1313, which would’ve focused on the character as a young bounty hunter. 

In 2013, Disney CEO Bob Iger even announced that a Boba Fett spin-off film was in development, but after multiple writers and directors had taken a crack at the material, the film was considered dead in October 2018. Disney instead decided to focus their efforts on The Mandalorian, which could hint that some remnants of this Boba Fett spin-off could still exist somewhere in the future of The Mandalorian’s story.

Regardless of who Morrison will be playing in the next season of The Mandalorian, we won’t have to wait long to see if the rumors as true, as season two premieres October 30 on Disney+.