Bob Saget, Oscar Winner, Forgotten In The Oscars Tribute

The Academy Awards seems to always mess up the In Memoriam segment of the show, and they did big time by excluding Bob Saget.

By James Brizuela | Published

bob saget

Besides Will Smith smacking Chris Rock live at the Oscars, another injustice took place. The legendary comedian, Bob Saget, was left out of the In Memoriam segment during the award ceremony. It could have been the fact that the deaths are usually from the year before, but the man should have still been recognized. Especially considering that he won a student Oscar for his documentary film, Through Adam’s Eyes. The academy always seems to screw this section up, as there were plenty of others left out of the segment that is supposed to honor the dead. Ed Asner and Norm Macdonald were also missing from being recognized. Saget being forgotten left some fans mad, with reason. You can see a tweet of anger below:

One of the main reasons that could have seen Bob Saget and his compatriots left out of the In Memoriam section is due to their limited time appearing in films. However, they have all appeared in them at one point or another. All three were well-respected comedians and beloved by plenty of people. The outpouring of love that Saget got after his untimely passing was astounding. That should have been enough to recognize the man during the Oscars ceremony. While these funnymen were kept out, Betty White, William Hurt, and Sidney Poitier were recognized. Ivan Reitman, Betty White, and Sidney Poitier all received their own sections of dedication before the In Memoriam segment took place.

bob saget

The news of Bob Saget passing away rocked the entertainment world. The man was one of the most beloved comedians of our generation. From his time on Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos, he became a mainstay in the 1990s. Though everyone knew him as the squeaky-clean dad figure, he was also one of the most respected stand-up comedians in the world. His onstage persona was that of a foul-mouthed comic that crossed every line imaginable, but that is why he was so respected in his field. Saget was known as the “comic’s comic.” He was always one of those comics that was seen as a mentor by plenty of the big names now. Kevin Hart is one of the biggest comedians in the world and he recognized Saget as being a mentor on his podcast, Comedy Gold Minds.

Bob Saget, unfortunately, passed away on January 9th while on tour in Florida. He had been spending time in his hotel room when he missed his check-in call with his family. Hotel staff entered his room and found him unresponsive. Emergency responders pronounced him dead at the scene, and it was later ruled that he had died due to blunt force trauma to his head. This was likely related to a fall of some kind. He was asleep when he might have suffered some form of subdural hematoma and subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is bleeding of the brain.

Bob Saget has been remembered by plenty of his peers and fans around the world. Though his name was left out of the In Memoriam section of the Academy Awards this year, he should be added next year. The man truly deserves it. The Academy also has a bad habit of leaving out great comedians, and that is something that should be recognized and altered for the future.