The Biggest Movie Of 2023 Is Being Changed And Re-Released

By Douglas Helm | Updated

margot robbie
Margot Robbie in Barbie

Barbie is the biggest movie of the year, and now it’s coming back to theaters with an extended runtime that includes never-before-seen footage. A re-release for a successful film isn’t too surprising, but it’s interesting that the film is getting a re-release so soon after the July debut. It’s a smart move, considering Barbie fever is still at an all-time high, and there are sure to be plenty of fans who are ready to go back and see the film again, especially if there are new scenes.

Barbie is returning for a brief run in IMAX theaters with an extra post-credit scene and an introduction by director Greta Gerwig.

However, you’ll only have a limited time to check out the new version of Barbie, as the re-release is set to play on IMAX screens for seven days starting on Friday, September 22. The new runtime for the film is two hours, which is six minutes longer than the film’s initial runtime of one hour and 54 minutes. The film is set to include an introduction greeting from director Greta Gerwig along with a post-credits scene.

The re-release, which is officially titled Barbie: The IMAX Experience, should add quite a bit more money to the film’s already record-breaking box office run. The movie easily became the highest-grossing film of 2023 so far, with an impressive haul of $1.4 billion and counting at the global box office. On top of an incredible financial performance, the movie has received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike.

Barbie has earned over $1.4 billion at the box office, making it the top movie of 2023, and nothing is likely to dethrone it.

There’s no word as to what the post-credits scene in Barbie: The IMAX Experience might be, but it would be cool if it were something that sets up a sequel. With the film’s massive critical and commercial success, a sequel seems almost inevitable. It would make sense if they wanted to build up hype for a sequel with a special film re-release.

barbie oppenheimer
Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in Barbie

At this time, there is no official word on plans for a Barbie sequel, but cast members like Margot Robbie certainly seem interested in returning to the role and the world that Greta Gerwig created.

The film stars an incredible cast that includes Margot Robbie, America Ferrera, Ryan Gosling, Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae, Ariana Greenblatt, Michael Cera, Will Ferrell, Simu Liu, Emma Mackey, Alexandra Shipp, Hari Nef, and Kingsley Ben-Adir. Along with reaching the impressive milestone of being the highest-grossing film of the year, it has also become the highest-grossing film by a solo female director, the highest-grossing film ever released by Warner Bros., and the 14th highest-grossing film of all time.

There’s no word as to what the post-credits scene in Barbie: The IMAX Experience might be, but it would be cool if it were something that sets up a sequel.

Barbie: The IMAX Experience should help to further cement these records and bring plenty more fans back to theaters to see the film one more time and give people a chance to check it out if they haven’t already. For now, the film is only available for digital purchase, so checking it out in theaters might be the easiest way to see the movie until it gets an official release on Max.

Meanwhile, Oppenheimer is still playing in theaters and just passed the $900 million mark, so fans still have a chance to catch a Barbenheimer double-feature.