Big Bang Theory Fans Up In Arms Over Young Sheldon Changing Continuity

By Douglas Helm | Published

The Big Bang Theory prequel Young Sheldon is wrapping up its final season, and the most recent episode has fans divided on a major TBBT plot point that was retconned. Fans of the flagship show will remember that Sheldon tells Penny about his childhood trauma in a deep conversation, specifically when, as a child, he walked on his dad, George Sr, with another woman. But, the recent episode retcons this plot point as a big misunderstanding because Mary was actually just dressing up for some bedroom roleplaying, so Sheldon mistook his own mother for another woman.

A Big Bang Theory Retcon

This The Big Bang Theory retcon has plenty of fans happy that George Sr, who was made to be a more likable character in Young Sheldon, didn’t have an affair like Sheldon thought. But there are plenty of other fans who feel like the moment takes away from Sheldon’s childhood trauma and the conversation he had with Penny. Then there are plenty of fans who also point out that both of these shows are sitcoms, and Sheldon misunderstands situations all the time (adding to the humor of the show).

Ruins A Wonderufl Moment

In any case, there’s no please everyone and there are going to be fans who are happy about The Big Bang Theory retcon and fans who are going to be upset with Young Sheldon for messing with canon. One TikTok user voiced how a lot of fans were feeling, saying, “It just seems like the writers didn’t have the guts to actually go through with what Sheldon thought he saw,” and, “So it kinda diminishes the importance of that talk he has with Penny in The Big Bang Theory.” In the end, it’s probably not a make-or-break moment in the show for most people, and plenty will continue to watch the series to the end.

Sheldon And Amy

The Big Bang Theory prequel Young Sheldon has been a big success, and the series will be wrapping up on May 16 with the series finale. Fans are especially excited with the news that Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik will be reprising their roles from the original show as adult Sheldon and Amy Farah Fowler, respectively. Parsons has provided voiceovers throughout the prequel series, and Bialik has provided guest voiceovers for episodes, but they haven’t appeared on-screen as their characters until now.

Young Sheldon Spin-Off

Although this particular The Big Bang Theory spin-off is coming to an end soon, Young Sheldon is getting a spin-off series of its own with the upcoming series that focuses on Georgie Cooper and Mandy McAllister. The Georgie and Mandy series will see the two characters raising their baby together and going through the trials and tribulations of parenthood and marriage.

A Fourth Spin-Off

big bang theory

There is also another The Big Bang Theory spin-off reportedly in the works that is rumored to take place after the events of the flagship series. So, there is plenty more of the franchise to come for fans who can’t get enough. In the meantime, you can tune in to the series finale of Young Sheldon when it airs on CBS on May 16.