See Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Looking As Ripped As His Dad For New Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger's son proves his dad isn't the only guy in the family with impressive muscles.

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Joseph Baena, is showing off his impressive body in order to get people excited for his feature film debut. However, all anyone can talk about is how shockingly similar his physique looks when compared to a younger version of his father. Arnold Schwarzenegger used his impressive bodybuilding muscles to land roles for himself early on in his acting career. By the time he was a more established action hero in films like Conan The Barbarian, he was still known mostly for his body rather than his body of work. 

Now, his son is trying to enter show business in the same way. The actor recently took to Instagram to share an image of himself posing in the wilderness of Hawaii in order to promote his role in the upcoming film Lava. In the snap, he is standing in just a pair of black shorts, letting his oiled-up abs and pecs do the talking as he stares down at the ground. The son of Arnold Schwarzenegger really lives up to that title in the snap, with a majority of the comments having to do with people noting how similar he looks to his dad.

After all, his position in the wild gives off some serious Predator vibes, which was one of the many movies that made his dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the household name that he is today. However, Joseph Baena is doing a bit more than letting his muscles get him work in the acting business. The 24-year-old is teaming with BitFlix, a company that specializes in funding films through cryptocurrency as well as the creation and accumulation of NFTs

The first-time actor is actually a recognized NFT ambassador to the company, which CoinTelegraph notes is hoping to fund the movie entirely through cryptocurrency. The outlet reports that Baena was previously asked if his dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, would be minting NFTs alongside him. While he didn’t specifically say that the famous actor would be a part of Lava, he noted that he believes all of Hollywood will be in the NFT business sometime soon. 

Because of the way it’s funded and the way that the filmmakers hope to make money off exclusive NFTs, details about Lava such as its plot and cast are pretty scarce. In fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son noted in his Instagram post that he wants people to take the image he posted online and speculate about what’s going on in the said scene. However, all anyone is doing is talking about his dad. 

Later in the day, he offered fans a bit more of a look on his Instagram Story, with a very brief video that shows him talking with someone off-camera while positioned around a lit fire at night. While it’s doubtful that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the mystery person by the fire, it does seem as though his son is taking the first steps to usher him into the world of crypto and NFTs by getting a foothold in the industry himself first. Only time will tell if there’s anything to this new way of filmmaking or if Arnold Schwarzenegger’s family has the star power to kick it off.